He had a angiogram a couple of days back for the following reasons : He didnot experience any heart pain or heart attack. He did experience some bearable pain in the left arm and burning sensation in the upper part of the stomach (in the middle, just below the chest) while walking long. When he rests he doesnt feel any burning sensation. His resting ECG is normal, Bp normal, Chest x-ray normal. We took him to a gaestroenterolgist for bulgy stomach(which he has for a year). They say bulgy stomach might be due to acidity and nothing to worry. They werent sure whether whether the burning sensation and occassional pain in the left arm was due to reflux or angina and so he referred my father to a cardiologist in the same hospital and he prescribed treadmill. He said treadmill test results arent satisfactory and prescribed angiogram.

Following are the observation by the cardiologist. The report quotes the following "The study revealed calcified coronary arteries, two vessel disease - LAD and OM. cirical OM disease with non critical LAD disease, normal LV function, he is advised PTCA to OM". In the report it has been mentioned that NOMR EF - 60 %. They have drawn a sketch wherein they have indicated there is 90% OM block and 50% LAD. I am totally confused with all these study results. Doctor has adviced angioplasty with stenting and told us to admit him after a week to undergo angioplasty and stenting.

My father is 55 now. He doesnt smoke nor drinks nor he takes non-veg. Can medication alone help him without angioplasty or will it affect his survival chance if we dont go for angioplasy? Kindly advice me.. When we went for a second opinion to a different cardiologist he says right now we need not go of angioplasty and medication alone could help. I am totally confused. We need all your valuable suggestions and experience in deciding the right course of action
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First Helper govind1985

replied December 4th, 2011
Hello govind1985-

what decision did you take? Its been a long time but looks none has replied. I am also in the same situation for my Dad. Will appreciate if you share your experience and knowledge and decision. Thanks!
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