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Migrating abdominal pains and nausea

My boyfriend has been having an extremely weird reaccuring set of symptoms that seem to be getting worse. At first, about 2 weeks ago, he got random small, sharp stabs of pain that migrated all around his abdomin from, everywhere from his bellybutton, to his left or right lower side. Some were small, and some pretty pretty intense, but always sudden and never prolonged. He finally went to see a doctor (we are studying in Tokyo, medical care is unfortunately really, really expensive), and he told him that he didn't know what the cause was, it could be anything from a bacterial infection to appendicitis.

It has in the past few days gotten worse, and he has been experiencing some cases of nausea and what he calls an out-of-body feeling, and he's been throwing up and having diarrhea -- not constantly, but in the mornings at the least. He doesn't have a fever, and he can function, but it seems like it won't be going away anytime soon.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? Thanks very much!
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