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Reflux / Chest Pain / Left Arm Pain

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Hi Everyone!

I am hoping to speak with some of you who have shared the same experience as me. Perhaps your experiences may shed some light and help me find some suggestions next time I visit my GP.

For close to 2 years now I have recurring chest pains. Its is either a sharp pain or a dull ache. (Not the tight gripping feeling commonly associated to Heart Attack Symptoms).

The pain is most found below the rib cage to the left of the sternum. It sometime is a little higher up the ribcage following where i presume the esophagus would be.

I also get a sharp pain in my left arm (not always). It sometime occurs simultaneously with the stomach/chest pain. Like the nerves are connected or something.

I do not have the common sensations associated to heart burn. I either get intense acid reflux which I have associated to the pain. I am also able to regurgitate my food.

I find it happens most on an empty stomach or after a meal (when I am usually regurgitating).

I also have hypertension which is controlled with medication. It is very mild to begin with but thought I bring it up. I have had Electro-Cardio grams, Echo-Cardio grams and Stress Tests to rule out any Heart related illnesses. All tests are normal.

Does anyone have a clue what else could cause a chest pain/Stomach pain to radiate in the left arm? Am I alone with these odd symptoms?
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replied December 21st, 2007
Hi Rizza

I also have reflux but it is caused by H Pylori, and also accompanied by chest pains. However, my chest pains aren't so bad that they cause my left arm to hurt as well. My chest pain is more like a dull soreness when I move certain ways or push down onto my sternum and ribs. I also have muscle soreness in my shoulders and neck, of which I'm not sure if it is related at all.

Usually, if someone is saying that they have chest pains with pain shooting into the left arm, I would say go to the emergency immediately as these are signs of a heart attack, especially since you have been diagnosed with hypertension, but since you have had these pains for 2 years and have had tests done, then I am at a loss.

If I were you though, I would still monitor these pains very closely and visit your doctor to follow up as well.

Good luck to you and take care!
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replied August 8th, 2010
Dear Rizza:

Yes, I can totally relate. Your pain sounds exactly the same as me, and it is terrifying. When I read the symptoms of a heart attack and I check my symptoms they seem to stay the same. Can you tell me about the tests which were ran on you? How long do EKG's last for you? Have you had an MRI? What was it like? It was terrifying to me. I am in this moment, and all throughout the past couple of weeks having pains. Before, in november, the pains existed and even traveled into my left leg.. however so slight. I do not feel confident that my doctors are treating it properly. What would the esophagus have anything to do with my left arm?

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replied March 7th, 2013
I am having similar prblems as with rizza....i was diagnosed with anthral gastritis one and half year back....after few months better but again happened in oct 2011..since then i am taking antacids...but pain in chest and left arm is come and go..has hypertension taking medicine....if any body has solution please reply
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replied May 25th, 2013
I have the same pains. I have reflux terribly due to having Hpylori as well. I also have chest, the pain under the left rib cage, left arm pain, and abdominal pain often. It is so very annoying because it seems as though they are heart attack symptoms. I have been treated in the ER over 60-70 times thinking that im having a heart attack. I cannot get to the bottom of these weird symptoms.
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