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Eye Allergies - itchy eyes, swollen vein, tightness

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I have been having eye problems that have gotten worse in the last three months.
The symtoms are itching, dry eyes, vein in the corner of my eyes seemed to be swollen, sometimes a burst blood vessel in that same spot, a tightness felt in that corner vein when I move my eye to the right, slight buffiness in eye lids in the mornings.
These things happen at no particular time of day, the tightness in the vein and the need to rub my eyes is there all day long, I find my self blinking alot.
I have gone to two eye doctors, both told me nothing is wrong with my eyes and to try clear drops for the itchiness and dryness. They seem to have ignored the comments about the vein and tightness in that area as well as the blood vessel bursting.
I even thought is this a blood pressure issue, where my vein gets swollen due to pressure , but I have do not have a problem with high blood pressure.
Because this bothers me everyday and is not going away, it seems to be getting worse, and my lid seems to rub on that vein and may cause the the bursting along with the dry environment in the eye.
I thought today, could this be a allergy problem, could I be allergic to something that is causing this. I have never had allergies so I don't know. Any ideas in this area would be helpful.
I am thinking of trying Claridin or some over the counter product, any suggestions. I really feel that my eyes need some help, or in the long run something is going to happen. My body doesn't seem to want to ignore this problem.
Sorry for the length of this post, but I am asking for some help.
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replied December 12th, 2007
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For how long exactly you have been having this eye problem?
Are they red and watery?
You were checked by ophthalmologist, so, if it was an allergy she or he would know, because when that is the case specific small growths are formed beneath eye lids that are recognized by doctor.
Have you been checked for eye pressure?
Are you taking some medications for other medical issues?
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replied December 12th, 2007
As stated, I have had this problem for three months. My eyes are not watery, actually they seem dry, iand this causes my lid to feel the vein more everytime I blink, they are also itchy.
Yes, I have seen two eye doctors (surgeons), none of them mentioned allergies, as mentioned they seemed to have not heard my comments about the vein and tightness in my eyes.
My eye pressure was checked, and it was normal.
The only medication I take is for Migraine headaches and that is only two days a month.
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