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Blurry Vision

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So i went to the dr and i have almost 20 20 vision so i dont really need glasses. But my eyes seem to stop wanting to foccus sometimes.. im only 19 so im not old. Ill be reading and after i get through a page or so my vision will go so blurry that i cant read.. The same thing happens when im on the computer, but the dr didnt really know what it was. Its really frustraging though because i love reading! I have astigmatism could that by why? Any help would be good thanks!
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replied December 25th, 2007
You may need a slight astigmatic correction plus a slight magnification RX to relax your eyes while reading. I am an optometrist, so you can take my advice if you desire.

Also, makes sure the monitor is as far away as possible. Take 5 minute breaks every 45 minutes. Look off into the distance.

Dr. Peters
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