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Undiagnosed Symptoms [skin On Foot Bottom.]

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Well, the problem hasnt really concerned me too much thus far as it isnt really causing me pain or anything of the sort, but I'd like to make sure its not something that may become problematic...

On the bottom of my feet, there are large areas that are quite pale and somewhat "numb". Inside the pale areas of skin are small indented 'bumps' varying from the size of a pin head to the tip of a ballpoint pen. These indented bumps dont seem to be oddly discolored; as a matter of fact, they look to be the color the bottom of my foot is supposed to be (but hey, maybe I'm just crazy).

As I mentioned before- there is no pain. But the absolute paleness of these areas made me want to double-check if it may be something serious...

Any ideas?
I am double-posting this thread in the Skin Disorders forum in case it is more skin-related than foot-related.

Thank you for your help in advance.
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replied December 15th, 2007
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the thing that i would be worried about is the numbness. Maybe it is just dead skin and you have a slight loss of sensation, but if you have a real loss of feeling you could have some kind of neuropathic problem these are quite common and begin in the feet. Go see a doctor if you feel you have a real loss of feeling.
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