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funny feeling in head, sinus infection - ideas?

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I'm a 17 year-old male, moderately healthy. I've been having what I describe as a "funny feeling" in my head since the beginning of november/end of october. It's not a painful headache, it just feels like the left side of my head (temple, close to ear) is clogged/stuffy. It's not painful, just annoying, and it seems to come and go at randomn times throughout the day. Then, in the end of November I started getting a really stuffy nose and I went to the doctor and am now just about done with my antibiotic for sinus infection-augmentin. Do you think that this head thing is sinus and was leading up to the nose thing? My left ear has been clogged as well, and I'm just wondering if it's all related. I've noticed that I seem to sometimes stare off and forget what I'm thinking about, but I think that it might have been just a normal thing that I always did and never noticed, but I just want some answers!!!!! I'm one of those people that panics at things that usually don't mean anything, but someone please give me an opinion!!! Do you think it's stress, I mean I've just finished my college applications and I haven't been getting much sleep lately, but this has been ongoing since the beginning of november, and now it's december 7th!!!! Any help/advice would be great, thanks!!!!
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replied December 14th, 2007
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When we complain of a stuffy nose, it may mean that our sinuses are congested.
Sinusitis is when the lining of the sinuses becomes infected or inflamed. Sinusitis may follow different conditions like common cold, flu, other infections, allergies, violent sneezing or nose blowing, etc.

Have you been described decongestants, too?
Do you feel facial pain?
Do you have sensation of mucous or liquid buildup in the back of the throat?

Remember, that stuffy nose leads to stuffy ears.
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