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Astigmatism getting worse - contacts?

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Hi there everyone and thanks for takeing your time to help me.

I'm currently 16 years of age, and going on 17.

I don't know where to start off. I have an Astigmatism that is just getting worse and worse my doctor says.

I'm currently using glasses (these has changed prescription many times, at least once a year, if not more) and I notice they just get worse and worse and worse (my vision that is).

So my doctor, at first told me that Contacts would help me see better, and help correct my Astigmatism.

Now, I went today for my contact fitting and the contact specilist said that the contacts will help me see better, but that wont stop my Astigmatism from getting worse..

So, if my Astigmatism just keeps getting worse, once I be back at step one with have new prescriptions ever year?

I have a feeling my doctors don't know what they are doing or talking about, sadly.

Also, one doctor said I can get surgery when I'm older (Why must I wait?) because my eye will change before then.....

PS: Contacts are Hard (Rigid) Contacts, and they arn't cheap!

Please help me.. I'm getting desprate!
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replied December 7th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
An astigmatism cannot be corrected without surgery. Maybe you misheard your doctor and he said it could correct your VISION, but not correct the PROBLEM.

Astigmatism will get progressively worse. It is an inherited eye issue, so your parents probably have it, or someone else in your family.

You probably have to wait until you are older because you are ONLY 16 and still growing. Maybe you could go to a different eye doctor and get a second opinion.

Glasses aren't cheap. Contacts aren't cheap. Surgery isn't cheap. Welcome to the world Wink
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replied December 7th, 2007
Yeah. I know.

Ok, so my new question is;

What is better for Astigmatism? Glasses, or Contacts?

Will one slow it down so I don't have to keep getting new ones? Or am I doomed until I'm a certain age and can get the surgery, or something new comes out (heh)?
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replied December 7th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
You can only help see better. Nothing is going to stop it other than surgery.

A lot of people with astigmatism cannot wear contacts. There is an issue with night blindness, blurry vision from slipping, etc.

Your eye is mishapen, which is why you have to get the more expensive contact lenses. They have to be weighted a certain way to fit effectively.

Glasses aren't for everyone either. Just pick your poison, I guess. Wink
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replied December 10th, 2007
my dr said i have astigmatism.. What exactly is it? he didnt explain just expected me to know what it was.. He gave me a perscription for glasses and said it will help, but i have almost 20 20 vision so i didnt see the need to get glasses...
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replied December 25th, 2007
Non Surgical Alternative...
I am an optometrist...there is a non-surgical alternatives that can help you called ortho-k. This uses special contact lenses that you wear at night to correct your vision, and you remove them in the morning, providing you with close to 20/20 vision.

This also depends on the severity of your myopia and astigmatism. If you would let me know your RX, I can help you out more thoroughly. Some people who are afraid of surgery use this method and are very happy as it requires NO surgery.

Your astigmatism MAY get slightly worse, but a lot of the time it does not.

Dr. Peters
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replied January 8th, 2010
astigmatism is where the cornea of your eye is misshapen for whatever reason (usually genetics or injury, in your case, genetics as its progressing not healing)

this means that the light coming in the front of your eye is focusing properly through some of your lens but not through the other, so some of your vision will be more blurry than others.

if you were a CD player you would find this useful, but unfortunately you are a human and therefore do not.

there is a phyiscal fault with your eye and the only way to truly correct this is with surgery, the non surgical method mentioned above is likely to help, however i believe this uses quite uncomfortable lenses that again are expensive, it is also an ongoing treatment method, not something that will permenantly correct your vision.

you may find that once you have reached full maturity your body will stop growing and your vision may well stop deteriorating so fast and therefore you would need glasses less often.

also once the surgery is completed (if you choose this route, which i thouroughly recommend, it is effective!) you will have no astigmatism in your vision, if it should deteriorate again, it is likely to do so slower than before while you were maturing and your brain can cope with a certain amount of astigmatism without you noticing, almost 1/3 of the population have astigmatism, and most dont really notice.

astigmatism also gets worse at night, so dont be disheartened if you have trouble reading at night, this is to be expected.

astigmatism is linked to the aging process so unfortunately you are likely to have a recurrance of astigmatism when you get older, but hopefully in the 30 years before that happens, they develop something better than the current surgical option facing you.

look into the ortho-k, but i recommend surgery as you seem to desire freedom from glasses/contacts, and you appear to wish to have the "cheaper" option, surgery may cost more in the outlay, but think... no more glasses or contacts for 10 years at least, more probably, not for the rest of your life (for astigmatism at least)

i hope you make the right choice for yourself, and if you dont understand what your doctors are telling you, ask... they dont explain unless you ask...

i am a nightmare for my doctors as i routinely look over their shoulder and interpret blood test results for myself, which can be really irritating for them i guess, but id rather be sure whats going on!
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replied January 22nd, 2010
Astigmatism is probably the most common refractive disorder. Most people have it. If yours is getting worse all the time and your doctors have not sent you to a specialist doctor or told you you might have kerataconus - then I think you might be stressing a little much. Your optom might have just said your cyl (astigmatism) on your eye has change by 0.25 or the like. Sometimes they add more to your myopic/hyperopic script and sometimes they take some of that off and add it to your astigmatic script. It would be useful to know your prescription.
Hard contact lenses are brilliant for this - they are much cheaper than glasses or disposable contact lenses (that people with high astigmatism cannot wear). But relax - it is nothing major, you will live with it like most of the rest of planet earth and the millions who have really high astigmatism! Good luck and don't take things so seriously!
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replied October 8th, 2010
Dr. Peters I am 32 years old i seen your comment on Ortho-K I was told that I could be legally blind in a few years from my astigmatism. I started out near sighted now the only reason I wear glasses now is because the astigmatism an I got my last pair of glasses this past march and am needing it changed already. Have been told that LASIK will not help me and was looking in to it an seen it may make night blindess worse the is one of my probelms now waht can I do

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