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ANA test high/Lupus Diagnosis Process?

I'm really frustrated right now. I am a Breast Cancer survivor and during my last visit to the Oncol I happened to have had a sore throat, rash on my neck, low grade fever, was hoarse and had some aches and pains. Prior to this I had 2 months of chronic pain in my left leg. My calf ached and I would get sharp pain in my shin, into my knee and foot. So, she ran a battery of tests for things such as mono, bone cancer, lupus and cat scratch fever. The Ana test came back very high - 901. I have to say that prior to this over many years I have had pleurosy, hives after the sun, joint pain in my fingers, constant throat infections, have attacks where the pain in my lower left groin area is so severe I feel like I'm going to faint, get palpatations etc. I have had many other diagnosis and "odd" things and have heart damage. I had Brucolosis when I was in elementry school, for whatever that is worth. I have had major depression for years. So, when I got this diagnosis needless to say I was a little relieved because I now had an excuse for my many ailments. I went to the Rheumy today, and left with more questions than answers. He is having a complete blood profile done, 11 different tests, and tells me that the ANA can come back as a false positive and can take a while to rule things out. My mothers grandmother died of MS, and I guess this is one of the tests he had ordered because the ANA can come back positive if you have MS, but he thingks that this is the least probable diagnosis. I too, as I have read, get strange pains and GI attacks. Many things I read I think "yep, thats me". I don't have a spleen, removed due to trauma which turns out that this could be a good thing if I have Lupus.

I guess I am looking for feedback on the diagnosis process, did it take a long time, what kind of tests were done, what can I expect. I had been tested for Lupus years ago when I would get hives after sun exposure - all over my body. I'm particulary concerned about my Kidneys because I frequently have blood in my urine and have had cloudy uring. I also get lower back pain at times.

Please help me with understanding this!
Thanks Confused
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replied December 5th, 2007
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I can't tell you about tests or anything, but my mom died of lupus, and I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am that you are at this point expecting a lupus diagnosis. She had lupus before it had a name and was tested for everything until a doctor experimenting with autoimmune diseases diagnosed her.

I want you to know that all those previous symptoms you had were probably due to the disease, but it attacks the body in different areas and times and the doctors never connected them. My mom spent a lot of her adult life in the sun and the doctors thought that triggered her attacks, so she spent about 20 years inside. If she had to go outside, she would wear long sleeve shirts and hats.

I just wanted to say good luck to you as you face this, but it looks like you have had many other struggles before, so you're tough.
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replied December 8th, 2007
Thank You For Lupus Into
Thank you, I just hope that I have a diagnosis soon! I'm sorry your mother was diagnosed at a time when they didn't understand the disease.
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replied August 27th, 2010
Hi Streetangel,
Your post was so eerie and the same as YOU I have had the very same symptoms for a long time. I was told in 1996 that I had Lupus but I laughed at him and said he had the wrong chart. I was a young woman then. He was older and wiser of course but he also misdiagnosed me with Sickle Cell Anemia which I couldn't have posssibly had. About 3 weeks ago I was diagnosed AGAIN with Lupus and I am NOW listening. I have skin eruptions especially on my backside along with painful sharp cramps in my shin and up the sides of my legs. The skin eruptions come and go and sometimes are on my arms and shoulders but not as bad as on the backside. I feel very old and my face is becoming disfigured but I also have Diabetes type 1, Autoimmune Hepatitis, Thyroid disorder and raised two beautiful girls almost on my own. Your post made me cry BUT is awaking me to the reality of what is actually going on with me. I didn't want to believe it and still am having trouble accepting it. I wasn't told by my doctor what I can expect. Lately my kidneys ache on both sides, my spleen area feels as though it might be inflammed and when I am walking sometimes I feel as though I will fall because it feels as though my legs are giving out. Perhaps I should find another doctor who is more willing to help me understand all of these things. Thank you so much for your helpful post. I wish you well and hugs from a friend.
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