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Tingling In Scrotum/achy back/achy abdomen ??

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I'm 19 and I've been having some tingling in my scrotum for about a week now. This all started actually in mid-October when I purposely jumped off a 4 foot platform onto the ground, I landed on the ground fine but when I landed I felt my scrotum go 'numb' for a few seconds, as if the jump was too much for me. Then, about 5 or 6 days later I started having a "heaviness" feeling, mostly in my right testicle. I usually wear boxers, but I noticed when I wore briefs instead the heaviness kind of disappeared.

The heaviness feeling went away about a week ago, but when it went away I started having a "tingling" feeling instead in my scrotum occasionally. Ejaculating seems to lessen the tingling sensation. The tingling is generally only noticeable when I am sitting down, it typically lasts for about 5 seconds. I've also had an achy back lately (although that could be from lifting I do at work), and my upper left and lower abdomen has been a little achy once in a while (usually after I eat something.)

Just to mention:
- I've never had sex or sexual contact, so it can't be an STD
- I have not found any lumps on my testicles or anywhere else
- No blood in semen, urine, or stool
- I'm lactose intolerant if that means anything
- I have never smoked

From my own research, prostatitis, epididymitis, appendicitis, and kidney stones seem to come up frequently. Also, I am going to see a doctor on Monday but I was curious as to what you folks might think on here.

Thank you much ahead of time
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replied December 6th, 2007
It's very easy to damage your testicles... jumping from high heights, diving into water and sitting to quickly can cause them to stretch or be moved in ways that can irritate or cause damage. I think seeing a doctor might be a good thing. It's probably a good idea to wear briefs for a bit, seeing as how it makes you feel a bit better. The doctor should know what to do... I personally just think you might have stretched something too much or knocked something around a bit too harshly. You seem to be very smart when it comes to your sexual health though! Kudos!
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replied April 22nd, 2010
ive been having the same feeling exactly how 100cb described it. but i went to the doctor he checked my testicles and said theyre fine.
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replied October 24th, 2010
Tingly Scrotum
I have a similar tingly scrotum issue, mostly noticeable when I am sitting. I too changed to briefs and that seems to limit the tingling and "heaviness" feeling, but it still recurs.
2560gc - If the doctor said you were fine, did he or she give you any indication of the cause of the discomfort and when it would go away?
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replied November 24th, 2010
Suggesting a neurological issue...
I'm experiencing pretty much the same thing now. I get an odd tingling sensation in my scrotum when I'm sitting occasionally, and when standing for a long period it seems as though my scrotum sags excessively and rubs my pants, which is irritating and uncomfortable.

My middle and lower back as well as lower abdomen have also been sore, particularly around the hip and thigh on the right side. I've also noticed some groin soreness near the hip, and occasionally my right knee tightens up and becomes sore. Sometimes I experience a shooting or aching sensation in my penis as well, and I've noticed slight tingling and muscle spasms in my right leg when I lay down at night.

I lost my left testicle to a torsion when I was 14, and have been very nervous about any odd sensation in the genital region ever since. Being nervous, I decided to see a specialist.

I went to a urologist about ten days ago, and was given a physical examination and ultrasound of my testicles and scrotum. I was also given a urine test. Everything was completely normal. My urine was clean, with no infection, white blood cells, or anything whatsoever indicative of a kidney or bladder problem. The physical exam revealed normal testicular size, shape, and texture; there were no external masses, excessive fluids, or varicoceles. The ultrasound revealed normal internal function, with no internal masses and normal blood circulation.

With kidney, bladder, and genital problems ruled out, the urologist suggested that the problem was most likely neurological. Back injuries that cause bulging, ruptured, or herniated discs can pinch or press on nerves that cause otherwise unexplainable sensations such as the ones we're experiencing. Many men with back or nerve injuries often complain of experiencing pain or odd sensations in the testicles, scrotum, or penis. In fact, the second most common physical cause of erectile dysfunction, after circulatory problems, is nerve damage.

It's entirely plausible that the impact you absorbed upon landing after the jump caused a back injury. The spinal column is prone to those types of injuries if impacts aren't absorbed properly. One vertebrae slams into the preceding one, which slams into the one before it. If this happens with sufficient force, the soft, cushioning tissues between vertebrae can become displaced. With no direction to move but out, the disc bulges or becomes herniated. In turn, a bulged disc displaces surrounding tissues when it expands, possibly pinching or pressing on a nerve. In my case, I'm a student and am forced to sit for long periods of time. My tailbone is constantly sore, and I may have developed a compression-related back injury that way. It could also be related to carrying a backpack, sleeping on a poor-quality old mattress, being slightly overweight, or a fall I took at work a couple of months ago. Could be a combination of all these things.

If your back isn't seriously injured to the point of a pinched or pressed nerve, it's also possible that you've dislocated something or knocked something out of alignment. The pelvic area and lower spine can do some strange things for strange reasons. If the family doctor or urologist can find no problem with your genitals, kidneys, or bladder, I'd suggest seeing a neurologist or maybe even a chiropractor- especially if experiencing vague or radiating tingling, spasms, "shooting" or aching sensations, or other types of general discomfort that aren't exactly "pain", per se. If there were a severe injury or infection of the testicle itself, you'd know it. Trust me.

You may not be experiencing the exact same sensations I am, but that's part of what makes neurological issues so frustrating. Good luck.
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replied August 19th, 2011
Hey guys. I've had this same exact sensation for 13 years now (with a 3 year hiatus at one point). I've pretty much exhausted any ideas about what it could be and most doctors have been no help. Although one doctor did put me on Lyrica which eased the tingling a great deal.Applying heat packs also helps a lot but as you can imagine, you cant use those all the time and pretty much only when alone. That being said, I want a cure not a cover up. I know some of these posts are years old but just want to know if you guys have found any relief yet.

Thanks a lot
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replied September 1st, 2011
testical buzzing feeling
Hey Elmwood, I'm experiencing the same stuff. So far doctors no help. I'll keep you posted if I find something. Please let me know if you find relief.
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replied September 2nd, 2011
Scrotal/Testicular Tingling
Hey thanks for the reply. Sometimes just knowing other people are experiencing the same things at least make me feel like I'm not unique in my suffering. Not that I want other to suffer but I'm sure you know what I mean.

I actually saw a neurologist yesterday but to no avail. I went to Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston which is allegedly one of the best in the country but the two doctors there said it wasn't neurological in origin. I was pretty suprised to hear that and tried to hammer home the point that it must be at least somewhat related to nerves. They didn't think so but they didn't really do a whole lot other then talk.

I also have a pretty pronounced bulge between my testicles during erection so I'm going to see a surgeon soon to see if i have a hernia. Doctors have checked before but never with any sort of imaging devices etc.

I also get a regular moving in my penis. This isn't really abnormal but I can feel it moving which isn't normal. I have a host of other issues in the region but the tingling is the worst. The Lyrica took over a month to start working but its worked enough that I'm almost completely off of heat packs. The tinlging is the only symptom that is eased by the Lyrica however.

Do you have other symptoms? What sorts of doctors have you seen?

Good to hear from you.

Let me know
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replied January 2nd, 2012
Grace to friend Rondi, just finished ten days of "Cipro " and it had a tough affect to the scrotum and over all body. The blood in the semen, the buzz pain, and the lack of chinese tea effect has me watching careful, and the how the brain is not working is very frighting .
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replied March 1st, 2017
I experienced this issue a few years ago. Went to the bathroom one day to take a leak. Afterwards, tingling began. Freaked me out. I thought I was just "backed up". Went home and cleaned out (I'm married Wink). Issue was still there. Felt like I always had to release if that makes sense. Visited 4 urologists, had an MRI, did countless meds over a 7 month period. Had doc's tell me it was in my head, put me on anxiety meds, etc. Finally found a urologist (Ayme Schmeeckle) in Baton Rouge who was awesome. She listened to my issues, acknowledged not knowing what it could be, but said let's try something. Made me feel sane again. I was placed on gabapentin 300mg. I quit my anxiety meds cold turkey (not recommended but I didn't care). I started running more, exercising more and praying more. That combo helped me escape my yearlong prison. It was very hard at times....thinking I was broken....thinking I was going crazy. Well, I got better. You will, too. You got this. I never saw positive replies on these threads and I visited tons of them. My pharmacist told me something that hit home. He said once people got better, they didn't want to revisit topics that stressed them out so they never went back to the sites with the threads of doom and gloom. Well, it's been a few years for me...not sure why I visited this site today. Maybe just to offer some hope. It's going to be ok.
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