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blood in stool, hemorrhoids and diarrhea

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I am a 29 (not quite 30!) year old female. I have been diagnosed with tumid lupus (a skin type with a few other symptoms), polycystic ovarian syndrome, and suspected irritable bowel syndrome. I take plaquenil, paxil, ativan, and fioricet. Oh yeah...And two kids (the second caused me to hemhorrage severely).

Okay, the question. I went to the gi about a year ago and was supposed to have a colonoscopy and egd (where they put a scope down the throat). However, I had strep throat when this was supposed to be done and I never rescheduled. Jusst a side note, I am now recovering from another bout with strep. I have noticed that I have had a noticeable amount of blood in my stool over the past few days. I have had hemorrhoids since my last pregnancy (the baby will be 2 in june). I generally have diarrhea most days, some worse days than others. I am 5'5" and weigh a whopping 104.

I was taking lortab last week for an unrelated condition, which occasionally causes me to be constipated. I was wondering if anyone has had this experience. Maybe the mild consipation flared up the hems? They haven't hurt since the bleeding, which they do, especially when my stomach has been really upset. I have read that crohn's can cause anal skin tags that resemble hems. Also, I have a lot of mouth (actually, tongue) sores, which seems that it also could be a symptom of crohn's. My best friend is freaking out about the bleeding (why did I tell her this?) and her nurse mother-in-law called me last night and insisted that I call my gi today.

My question is, can I try hemorroid medicine and see if that resolves the problem or should I go ahead and call the gi? So far, I only bleed when I use the bathroom. I can't say i'm dying to have a colonoscopy, but I will if I have to. Besides that, I don't want to be diagnosed with any more chronic diseases! I've averaged a new chronic disease per year for the past few years.

Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to overreact or underreact! It's really early, so I apologize if I have rambled or made typos!

Thanks so much...
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replied April 15th, 2004
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If that were me I wouldnt mess around trying to treat hemorhoids, I would definately see a doctor, im 33 and I had a colonoscopy done 2 years ago, I was suppose to have one done when I was 28 due to blood in my stool, and severe stomach pain, I put it off because I was to afraid, but since then I was involved in a car accident which left me with nerve damage in my back which causes me to have rectal pressure, the gi doctor recomended a colonoscopy, to rule out chrohns, irritible bowel, any way needless to say I was petrefied to have this done, but actually there is nothing to it, I would have done again you dont feel a thing, so if your putting it off because your scared dont, honestly its not as big of a deal that people say it is, I really dont know what it is that you have, I hope things get better for you, but its better to treat something now before it gets to late and and as far as chrohns disease there is meds that can help you, also it would put your mind at ease not wonderind if it could be this or that, good luck I hope all gos well
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replied April 16th, 2004
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I would definately call your gi. I had a colonoscopy and they also did the one through the throat. When they do both they definately put you to sleep. It does not hurt at all. Not even slightly. You can not tell if you have irritable bowel syndrome from a colonoscopy. When you get this procedure done, they rule out other possibilities. And if everything is ruled out, that is how they know if your symptoms are ibs. Just thought I would let you know.
Anyway, in your case you have enough other problems that you really need to find out. Plus, while you are under maybe they can go ahead and remove your hemorhoids(sp?).
Dont be afraid. Get it done and out of the way. Maybe it is something serious and I understand that you don't want to find out. But at the same time it could be something that is not serious but could be if left untreated.
Keep us informed and I wish you the best.
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replied April 17th, 2004
You should have the colonoscopy done, it is not painful, the prep is worse than the procedure itself. I had bleeding for a couple of years on and off, the blood was bright red. I was told it was from hemmoroids, internal. I went and finally had one done and no hemmoroids were found but neither was anything else, thankfully. Two years later I had blood in my stool again, this time the blood was dark red, I knew that meant trouble. I went for another colonoscopy and found I had rectal cancer. It was small enough, because I didn't put it off, that I had it surgically removed. I did not have to have chemo or radiology, fortunately! That was in 2002. I have to go for routine exams every year now, so far so good.
Don't take any chances, go get the colonoscopy done. You will be glad you did.
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