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swollen pimple-like bump on leg

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i woke up one morning and noticed that my leg was hurting. I took a look at it and there was a bump there. The follwing day i noticed that there swelling around the bump. And now there is puss inside it like a pimple but the swelling is getting worse and i got most of the puss out but it still feels like theres something inside it. it kind of itches, but not much. My fiance says its a spider bite but im not sure. any ideas?
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replied May 19th, 2011
pimple-like bite
What did you do to make the swelling stop? I am going throught the same thing. My husband and I just got back from Mexico and I got eaten alive by something. Most of my bites are almost gone but I have one that was a pimple-like bite and after 10 days was still there so I popped it thinking I needed to get the poison out. Now it is very swollen about 2 inches all the way around. I am wondering if I should go to the doctor.
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