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26th-(sami)shortee913-it's a boy! James jeffrey!
1st(jeni)youngmom2be-it's a boy-river dekari
11th(pamala)babyp-its a girl-jaylynn rennee!
20th(molly)pinkpanther-it's a girl!! Alyvia!
23rd-pregnajordan-it's a girl!Jaydyn makayla
24th-angie518-it's a girl!! Rylee danielle!

24nd-karim18-it's a boy! Grant matthew!
25th-(heather)hearen8504-its a girl!!!Hannah danielle rene'e!
27th-(shauna)babyrae-its a surprise!
30th-jillmarie-its a boy! Cortez angel!C-section scheduled!

22th(brenda)lee25 its a boy!
24th-erica83-its a boy!!Dominic eric!
29th-ansleyt2004-its a girl!

6th-(heather)noodleandshorty-its a surprise!
8th(ashley)lilangelmommy2be-ultrasound april 22nd!
18th-(april)lilmama2b_oct04-ultrasound april 27th!
27th-(cynthia)uniquecc-ultrasound may 10th!

for the ladies who dont know if their baby is a boy or a girl let me know your ultrasound date so i'll remember to check on ya and see what your having! :)also let me know if you know the sex and pick out a name, let me know what it is!

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replied April 15th, 2004
Ya'll Furgot Me !!
Its good tho , cuz I havnt been here for 2 long , but im due nov 11 , and I duno yet wut it is , but im hoping for a boy .. :d Laughing :d .. Well good luck 2 everyone
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replied April 15th, 2004
Extremely eHealthy
Sorry! Smile its not that I forgot you, I just dont add anyone unless they ask cause its too hard to chase eveyone down for their info! Smile do you have an ultrasound scheduled? What is your first name? Yay nikki your not the last one anymore! Laughing
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