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Thin Hair 16 Yr Old Boy w/ Bald Patches - Make Hair Thicker ?

My 16 yr old son has thin hair. This bothers him a lot. He is constantly asking me if if he has any bald patches after hes brushed it. When his hair was longer I mean not shaved yes there were tiny areas where u could see the scalp like at the crown etc. Now hes shaved very short and u can see that he does not have as many hair follicles as other people.
If this is hereditary...I think it may be....Is there anything I can do to help make his hair thicker?
Should I take him to see a Hair Tricologist?
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replied January 11th, 2008
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So you are considering hair implants?

There is nothing that he can do to increase the growth or thickness of hair other than cosmetic implants. At least nothing that I know of. And yes, genetic hair loss can cause early loss of hair in young men (often inherited from the female lineage).
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