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tested positive for chlymedia - how is it transmitted orally?

so i just found out recently that i was tested positive for chlymedia...

I was starting to have symptoms the last couple months.. it was after having unprotected sex with a guy in september then about a month later when i hooked up with another guy being protected it hurt to pee after sex, sometimes would bleed after sex lightly the next couple days and so i rreally feel like i caught it from the unprotected sex, which would make sense.. haha.. so now i have to contact that person . Im havin a hard time tryin to think of what to say..

Also. how can you catch chlymedia orally? So the one after with the condom, did i give it to him when i gave him head? or did he catch it when he went down on me?

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replied November 29th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
You can get chlamydia through oral sex, yes. He probably would've caught it when he went down on you.

How bout you just tell the first guy- "Hey, you gave me chlamydia! Go get tested!"

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