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Red marks on skin of torso.. Cause For Alarm??

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I've had a red mark on my torso for quite some time now and I noticed that I have another one on my left arm but it isn't as dark or as big as the one on my torso.

I also have a few little red freckle looking marks on my arms as well. They are very tiny. Probably not visible if you weren't looking for them.

Below is a picture of the red mark on my torso. It is about 2mm in size. If I press it hard it turns light pink then goes back to red. It doesn't hurt and is slightly raised (I can feel it if I touch it lightly).

The flash made the mark look two different colors but it is completely red in person.

The marks kind of look like broken blood vessels.
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replied December 21st, 2007
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Are the red marks barely visible with pinpoint size?
Have you noticed that the already existing have increased in size and that the new once appeared in a meantime?
Do you know if these red marks run in your family?
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replied November 9th, 2011
i also have these and would liek to know what they are because i had one on my arm and now theres 2 tiny ones that showed up on my bicep today and one on my upper stomach and one on my shoulder they obviously will keep coming and the one on my arm has bee nthere for a year at least so i know they dont heal i need to know what it is so i can coMbat it before andy more appear
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