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Reoccurance of Gout In a Different Joint?

I suffered my first gout attack about a month ago in my left big toe. Got Indo and Allopurinol from my Dr. and it gradually went away.
I stayed on my meds and 3 nights ago was awakended by the worst pain I've ever felt in my right knee. Its very stiff, painful, and swollen.
Have you guys ever had a reoccurance in a different joint so close between attacks? I called the Dr. and he just told me to keep on my meds.
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replied November 28th, 2007
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Yes, six years ago I experienced an overnight gout attack in my left knee that really disabled me shortly after an overnight gout attack in my right foot. But I have had no more gout attacks for the past four+ years from the time that my sleep apnea was resolved.
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replied December 13th, 2007
Coping with gout,

Yes it is not uncommon. Have had gout now since 1990. Doc gave you good advice do not suspend taking your meds. Remember with alopurinol drink lots of water. Did the Doc give you any colchinne??? If not you may want to ask about it side affect of this puppy is stomach distress but it does help.

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