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TMJ on one side since Aug. with physio ~ improving?

my jaw has either felt tender on one side, clicking or my bites been off but either way its never been normal. iv had 12 sessions of physio, and now the tender feeling has more or less gone but my jaw feels tight when i speak but not so clicky.

are things improving? am i suitable for an operation? do i carry on with physio or am i wasting my money cos it seems to make my bite worse ( my teeth dont meet equally on both sides. ) they are meeting at min but they feel tender.

is this the best i can expect or should i be grateful for small mercies ?
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replied November 28th, 2007
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You dont want to just jump into surgery. you may want to try neuromuscular dentistry(i can find you a good doctor)

i had the same problem with the teeth not meeting. im good now but yes you have to be grateful for the small things. it wont happen over takes time--if you need anything pm or email me anytime

and use heat and ice and take ibuprophen it helps.
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