if you have any idea of what is going on,please get back to me.

Early this year,when i got in the heat i got hives and rashes like really bad,red splochs on my neck and red dots and hives all over me,i've also noticed that they come when im really angry,or in a hot shower,jacuazi,and anything to do with my body tempature getting hot,they itch really bad as well,and i noticed when i get out of the jacuzi with them and decide to get back in,i get like,pringlys everywhere.Its kinda annoying.Doctor didnt know what it was,i was told exema,or something but the stuff does NOT work.

Then about two months ago,i was in the hospital because i was getting alot of chest tightness,i felt as if i coudlnt breath,i was having alot of heavyness and tightness,the doctor told me it was anxiety,but i was only getting the anxiety from worrying so much.i want to know what is causing the stuff.the last year or so,ive had alot of heartburn and acid comming up,ive noticed within the past 6 months it getting worse.A month ago iwas out of state and i was eating some lasunga i belive and im not sure if the lasnga caused this,if not i have no idea,but i was getting these sharp stabbing pains in my stomach above my belly button and i couldnt move for a day,i was also kinda gasy,i believe....Well it went away,i didnt think much of it,well i paniced because i am always panicy,I came back home about a week later or two..And i was eating one night and i didnt feel good at all,i woke up throwing everything up,i was throwing up for 2 or 3 days straight,i wanted to go to a doctor,never did,i couldnt even drink tea.just water and sometimes crackers.Now for the past few days i have bloody stools,when i noticed the bloody stools i quit taking my over the counter prilosec that really wasnt even working all that well,since it says do not take with bloody stools,ive been having some lower pain and it feels like im starting my cycle (period) but its no where near time for that! i feel bloated all the time,im always hungry,ALWAYS hungry,but when i go to eat,i cant even eat that much,my stomach is hungry but i just cant eat,i know what it feels like to be full,but im not,then i get hungry and eat again a few hours later...Ive noticed that lately,im gaining alot of weight.I dont know why because im barely eating.I cant sleep either,when i do fall asleep im waking up every hour or so,I keep feeling like this pulse above my vaginal area,its weird.on another note,i have headaches or migranes,not sure which every day,i feel dizzy,just not up to doing anything,im getting lazy,my head just is spinning and i am getting confuesed alot of the time,running into doors,walls,and people...i loose focus all the time,i cannot concentrate on anything at all,sometimes i get these jitters,my eyes even start to get dizzy and hurt i see black dots sometimes and i feel like i drank about 2 bottles of jack daniels,or something.I cant even talk straight,i mumble and sometimes i say words that arent even real.I get really shaky too,like if i were to put my hand out you could see it shaking.Ive also had like a racing heartrate and then it goes back to normal,but at times it feels like its going to jump out of my chest,i can even feel it all over my body at times,its hard for me to breath at times,its like im forcing myself to breathe.I get these like pinchs in my chest on both sides,there like a quick zap,i also get them in my right hand,ive also noticed i get them in my butt too.It hurts.I have no idea what is causing any of these things to go on.ive noticed that i have more bladder infections suppostely more than anyone i know,im not sure if it is,but it burns to pee,and it feels like something is trying to come out of my vagina.NO im not pregnant..the doctors always seem to think that..Im always lightheaded and dizzy,i feel drunk or higher than a kite...when i was in my childhood age,i noticed a mark above each one of my ears,its liek a circle,i have no idea what it is,the doctor said it was nothing years ago,if anyone know what it could be,feel free to tell me,lately i am getting this strong chrolren scent in my nose,and it burns..i dont know if its possibly to have a headache around your eyes but my eyes feel like i have a headache there.I get these jittery sharp pinch things in my stomach.Sometimes my eyes twitch as well.Im always thinking on this i cannot get my mind off of thinking something is terribly wrong with me,it makes me depressed..I just wish overall i could get my mind off of it..My mind never knows what to do its always going back and forth.on what to do,i also cannot have anything on ODD numbers,everything in my house is even.sometimes i even have to touch things with each hand.or bump into something with each side,i believe that is OCD,i was diagnoised with it awhile back.Not taking anything for it.Im not taking anything at all...I always feel like im making the wrong choice and i feel guilt..

Just about everything runs in my family..Just in case anyone was wondering..I just dont know what doctor to see,Or what to request..If anyone can lead me the right way,id greatly apprechiate it alot

Ive always wondered why i havent had a child yet either.I shouldve already had like a bunch.Honestly.I dont know what is wrong with me.So i know if im not getting pregnant something has to be wrong with me? what would i get checked? any ideas on that note as well??
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