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15 Year Old. Major Panic Attacks

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I first got panic attacks when i was about 10. They were brought on by the birth of my now 5 year old sister. I went to a therapist, "got better" and stoped seeing him. recently i started having them. I got the first one about 3 weeks ago when a friend said she was moving away. all the following ones accrue when i am in bed. expecialy at night. They seem to get better when my boyfriend is around. but as soon as he leaves and i go to bed, i have them. one right after another.
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replied November 29th, 2007
Hi poor you.....I have them occasionally and a very fast heart beat. My doctor advised me to buy a tiny bottle of this flower herbal stuf from chemist you put a drop on your tongue and it makes you calm almost instantly!
Also suggested Yoga. And said when u can't eat, milk is very good food.
I think it would help u if u go to a chemist and ask them for the herbal stuf it is good to have in the house just really does work and makes u feel calm.....also drink warm milk with a spoon of sugar it will make u sleep.
The thing about panic attacks is that it cannot hurt u and it is a mind thing....I think u should go back to your therapist for additional support to address the reason why you have panic attacks.....addressing the problem and going to see someone will help you to recover...also coping mechanisims like having someone u can phone wen u get an attack would help- I had one at night and I felt worse because I was on my own and I didnt know where to put myself.
Eat healthy foods - this makes u sleep properly - I heard lettuce is good! NOT cheese! Hope that helps! x
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replied December 5th, 2007
I have panick attacks also. The best thing is ride them out.. Just keep telling yourself .. "im fine... "
You can even close your eyes and think of or picture yourself somewhere where you are calm... and makes you feel good. And breath in (slowly ) hold for the count of 2... and then let out slowly.. This will help your heartbeat slow a little bit.. which will help your panick attacks, and relax ya.

I take hypnosis for me.. and it has done wonders. I also think you should start going back to your therapist.. or find a hypnotherapist or something that specializes in anxiety and panick attacks. (sometimes they can make a tape for you to listen to you when you are having an issue or needing to go to sleep. )
It has made a difference in me.

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replied April 29th, 2008
I disagree with London Vampire, panic attacks CAN hurt you. I've had very very many mild panic attacks before and nearly passed out, but I'm aware of those who have passed out for a bit from the lack of breathing. They are in your head though, and all you have to do is calm down - although I know it isn't easy. Just pace your breathing and close your eyes, it takes a while but it works for me.
Don't know if this was any help to anyone but I was the title caught my eye because I too am a 15 year old who has panic attacks and I felt the need to say something :] God Bless,

Note: I'm actually this users daughter, not her.
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