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Family History of benign tumors

I have been concerned for a while regarding the possibility of contracting some form of benign brain tumor. The reason is a family history of this: my grandfather on my mother's side developed a benign tumor later in life (in his 60's, IIRC) and my mother's brother also came down with a benign tumor in his 40's (again, IIRC). Both eventually died of complications resulting from the tumors.

As I'm nearly 40 now, I'd like to determine whether there are genetic risk factors involved, as well as get a jump on anything that might eventually happen to me. I have no physical symptoms that I'm aware of that would indicate a problem, but I'd rather determine something needs addressing before things are too far along.

So I guess my question is: what are my options? Are there tests available to determine genetic susceptibility? Also, are preventative tests such as MRI's/CT scans generally covered under insurance?
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replied December 4th, 2007
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What is IIRC?
Only 5 - 10% of primary brain tumors are associated with genetic disorders (certain types of brain tumors are specifically linked with certain genetic conditions).
Most genetic abnormalities that cause brain tumors are not inherited but occur as a result of environmental or other factors that affect genetic materials (DNA) in the cells.
You can ask the oncologyst to order a genetic test that may predict with a defined degree of certainty whether you will develop a specific brain tumor.
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