Back in 2001 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and it was extremely high.....190/130 range. The cause was determined that I needed to deal with stress better and get more exercise. Said I need to get it down because my heart was enlarged due to having it high for an extended period of time. They said my arteries were fine but I needed to get my BP down. Took on a new job but I was promoted to a desk job last year so I wasn't getting the exercise like I was before. Started to gain weight again so I decided it was time to start a workout program.

I'm 5'10 and weigh about 205. I've cut back on my drinking over the past year and drink maybe once a month. Only time I have a cigar is when I am drinking which I know is bad for me and I am attempting to quit. I know have anxiety issues which is what gave me the high blood pressure in the first place.

I get these pains under my left breast now that has me stumped along with worried. I don't know whether they are from my heart or it's from a muscle that I may have strained while working out. I can go out and exercise, not get lightheaded, dizzy or any shorter of breath than expected while playing basketball/jogging etc. These pains don't last for an extended period of time but come and go frequently. The only way I can describe it is as a charlie horse but not as severe.

Now I'm in the situation where I am worried that something maybe wrong with me like clogged arteries/mini heart attacks/cardimyopathy but if I go back to the doc and he says it's a pulled muscle/anxiety like last time and it cost me another 7 K in test (I have no insurance) that is going to double my stress level.

The web certainly doesn't help matters any for someone like me because you type in anything for a symptom and it leads back to some type of heart disease.

Also, once your heart is enlarged it is for life or am I wrong? If that is the case then wouldn't exercise be bad for the heart in some ways since it works it even more? I know that exercise makes the heart larger but makes it so it doesn't have to work as hard at rest but I would not think this would be good for an already enlarged heart that was brought on by high blood pressue, CAD etc...
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replied March 18th, 2008
charley horse pain
I have experienced exactly what you are talking about. even went to the ER and had all kinds of tests. nothing! The DR. said it was my muscle behind my heart. the problem to me is, it is getting more frequent and if I work out it sets in in between workouts.
I am a bit worried but dont quite know what to do.
If you find an answer that might lead me to mine please share.
I am sorry I am of no help.
take care. Tam
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replied July 28th, 2010
chest cramps
cindy 59, i have had charlie horse like pains in y chest since 92. the pain stops me and last about 5 minutes. i also have alot of cramps in my toes and legs at night that wakes me up. i had breast cancer in 98, and i've had two back surgeries on L-5 S1 disc. they did'nt help much i still suffer from alot of back pain.
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replied August 10th, 2010
I'm 36, and I started getting a mild left upper back thoracic cramp after lifting heavy weights last year and a few months later started getting the same back cramps along with cramp like sensation under my left breast and left cleavage area during anxiety attacks.

Ive had EKGs, iodine scan of my heart and echos and nothing has been been found so far. Docs tell me it's my constant worring that causes my muscles to tense up, which in turn give me pain and then I freak out thinking I'm having a heart attack and get palpitations and dizziness from the shallow breathing which gives me a panic attack, that have sent me to the ER with high blood pressure (190/9Cool, which then subsides after I've calmed down.

Those with anxiety should read the below web page re BEATING ANXIETY AND PHOBIAS, it's advices have helped me a lot to control my anxieties symptoms, along with taking 250 mg of magnesium pills twice a day. I too have felt my hr pulse at night when I'm laying in bed and keeping hydrated has helped me not feel that feeling as much, anymore. You should try it. Also try to do so yoga or breathing meditations to aid you with the anxiety symtomps. Hope it helps

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replied August 17th, 2010
pain in the left breast
Hi, i need help concerning the same problem of pain under the left breast,im 21 years old and started feeling this pain from time to time during 2 years until now, it feels like a knight is stuck into my left breast , it takes a short moment only , and when it occurs i just can't move my left arm or breath heavily.please give me information aout this concern if possible.note(i have a low apetite and my weight is 48kgs).
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replied April 12th, 2011
Concerned :(
I've been having a pain mid breast on the left side for about 3 weeks now. It has the sensation almost like a joint dose that pops to relieve pressure. It sort of feels like a gas bubble, but is constant and will not go away. I'm 29 years old now. Should i be worried?
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replied May 15th, 2012
I get this cramp occasionally, particularly if I'm bending forward, like to tie a shoelace or shave my legs. It is bothersome, but doesn't last for long. I lead a fairly stressful life, running my own company and I'm overweight too. When I was doing yoga daily I was in much better shape with flexibility and so on. When I get the pain, my usual response is to focus on my breathing. Yep - high blood pressure too. Glad to see others have been to the know-nothing doctors and come away empty of a good diagnosis. I think it's due to stress, overweight and so forth. So what's the answer then? Breath - stretch - eat better (try the eating for your blood type, it's amazing). Most of all, try not to take yourself too seriously ... none of us lives forever so enjoy the song of life.
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