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stopped antidepressants while pregnant - advice?

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prior to pregnancy i was on 2 antidepressants, of course with my doctor consent i have stopped both, first trimester, my only problem was m/s , now im 17 weeks, i have really bad anxiety and depression, to the point i shake and cry, with no control, i cant seem to go to work due to this, and DH wants me to take time off work, i am in a union, and would be able to do this, money will be tight, and worry about my baby with all this depression and stress! im going to my doctor on wednesday for help! But im looking for advice!! anyone?
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replied November 27th, 2007
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Hiya it's not my place to give advice but im on anti-depressants and i was while i was pregnant. I started on them in june last yr and found out i was pregnant in dec and one doctor told me to lower my dose and so early this yr i ended up getting anxious in the mornings and then i thought my depression was coming back and i even fainted in the doctors and a doctor then told me that i should'nt of been told to cut down my medicine so i went back to what i was on and i'm still on it now and my baby is 14 wks old now. The doctor told me when i passed out that a happy mum is better then a depressed mum and best for me to keep on my medicine what with the stress and hormones that you get when your pregnant.
Let me know how you get on.

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replied February 10th, 2008
i'm on the highest allowable dose of zoloft, but will wean as i approach my last trimester... and i have approval from THREE doctors! i am out of work for the duration because i'm totally useless and when i'm not a complete basket case, i'm edgy and emotional. we're struggling financially, but doing the best we can. this is temporary. i know the risks of depression are worse than the risks with the meds...

once i wean, i'm purchasing a negative ion generator. my shrink has done studies with them and they show improvement. so i'm hoping that will get me through my last trimester
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