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Bump On Top of Foot - metatarsal-cuneiform joint exostosis?

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Hello! I have two questions relating to my right foot. I am female, 42 yrs old, average height and weight. I have a hard bump (bone like) on the top of my right foot that causes pain when my shoes are on. (I have to loosen my laces). Could this be: metatarsal-cuneiform joint exostosis?

Second question: I have had surgery on my right ankle as a result of three fractures - 1998. They put in two plates, 3 screws on inner side of ankle and at least 6 screws on the outer ankle. The screws on the outside have been pushing out for the past few years. I can actually see and feel the outline of the end of the screws through my skin. This causes pain whenever I bump it onto something. I do a lot of walking and of course this become painful too. Is surgery recommended to remove the screws? What would be my recovery time? Do I need the plates removed or can they stay in there? Thank you for any advice that you are able to provide!
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replied December 3rd, 2007
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hi naturelover the bump on your foot could be metatarsal-cuneiform joint exostosis depending on where the bump actually is, the talonavicular joint is pretty close by and this joint is also prone to exostosis.

Wow you have a lot of metal in your foot do you know what kind of fractures you had you need to see a doc about this usually the recovery of hardware is pretty simple and recovery is fast i think you should see a good doctor.
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