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Loud When Sleeping Shaking Once Awake

Confused in the past 2 mths I am woke up by my husband saying "Honey wake up" You are snoring really loud... It has only happened maybe 5-6 times...I feel dry mouthed, I usually go right back 2 sleep & it doesn't happen again that night....Tonight I went 2 bed late, very tired, my nose felt stuffy and my throat like it was clogged alittle...I fell asleep and less than an hr later, my husband wakes me saying I was really really loud this time and I sound like I was gaging, bellowing and fighting for air...I could hear myself this time... I slowly woke up, when I sat up I felt like my mouth was really dry, my breathing was tight, and when I stood up I was shaking all over nut mostly upper body..I got some water, felt alittle better but still very dry, hands & fingers cold, and I try to calm myself, it finally worked but as I am writing this I keep falling asleep instantly when I stop to thing of what 2 write please help... how do I stop the choking,& get some rest! Any good tips will help
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replied November 27th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
You need to go to a sleep clinic? Sounds like sleep apnea to me or something.
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