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Anxiety.....or Something Else?

Hello All! I am new to this forum so I would like to thank you for taking the time out to read my post. I will try and keep this as short as I can, but that will be difficult as this is a very long story. I was not sure where to post this so I decided post it here in the anxiety forum since this was one of the first initial feelings from the ER doctor I first saw and I have a feeling that is all I have as well. But I am just curious to see if anyone else here has these issues.

First of all I should say that I am 24 year old female who has never had any serious medical conditions to worry about. I consider myself to be fairly healthy, but despite that, I am constantly scared of catching
something or developing a disease. Outside of the normal moans and
groans of daily life, Ive never physically felt I have symtpoms to worry
about. But mentally I am always scared, but never show it. Up until now

Around 9/26 I had a strange attack. I wasn't doing anything strenuous or stressful (I was sitting on a jury panel AND on vacation from work at the time) but I felt like I was having difficulty inhaling and catching my breath.My heart began to race, I got a strange sensation in my head, my left fingertips got tingly, and the people around me said I went pale (I thought I was having a stroke! At 24 years old!!). So i immediatley got up and started walking around, only to find that my legs had begun to shake so bad that they had gone weak and I was having difficulty walking. (I should mention this shaking feels like it starts in the back of my legs and progressively gets worse). I also felt like my mouth was very dry and that I needed to use the restroom and was burping and passing gas a lot. After a few minutes of trying to walk, I regained my normal state, walked outside for fresh air, calmed down and had some fruit. Later on that night, I experienced something similar.Not as severe, but just enough to prompt me to want to get checked out, so i immediatley went to the ER. Unfortunately for me, by the time I got there the episode had stopped. The doctor who saw me, checked me out and said I had hyperventilated and had an anxiety attack. I was relieved it was not serious. A few days later I had ANOTHER attack. Same problems,only I had noticed my bowel movements had become runny. So i called my doctor for an appointment. The morning before my appointment, I had another attack, only more severe. It felt like if I stopped moving I would die. I went outside for fresh air, which helped. I decided to go for a walk, which calmed me down a lot so I could relax for my appointment. All of my vital signs came back normal at the doctors that day. My doctor checked me out and said she wanted to do a blood test for my thyroid because I also had a goiter. So she did and the results came back that I did have high levels in my bloodstream for hyperthyroidism. I immediatley cut caffeine out of my diet, thinking this may help me.(I've been caffeine free ever since, which is great for me considering how much I would intake on a daily basis). The next week I went for my scans of my thyroid and didnt have any major issues at all for a couple of days, no shaking, weakness, nothing. I had started experiencing little aches all over my body though. Never dehabilitating or severe, just an ache on my shoulder blade here and an arm pain there. The arm pain has since become consistent to this day. Sometimes its in my elbow, other times in my forearm. I have chest pains but it feels as though they are in my breast area and not in my heart. I had an appointment to meet with my PCP on 10/17 and an endocrinologist on 10/18. That sunday and monday (the 15th and 16th) I began to shake again, and I went to my PCP on the 17th, and she said my scans came back normal so she was interested to see what the endo would say. My endo said that the scans came back normal but he would do a second blood test anyway to check my levels (they, of course, came back normal also). He also said I was slightly tachycardic and I told him about the shaking fits. He then prescribed me some propranolol (20MGs twice a day), calling my shaking fits "tremors". These meds seemed to work for about two weeks or so. On 11/4 the shaking fits started again and happened almost every night (there was a day or two inbetween that I had nothing happen) for about a week. On 11/15, I had a made another appointment with the endo to have him check my thyroid again and to see what he could do with the meds. He upped my dosage to 40 MGs 3 times a day (which I couldn't start taking until a few days later as my pharmacy couldn't read the prescription and had to get a hold of my doc before they could fill it). I started taking it on11/18 Again I felt fine up until 11/22. I started shaking again Sad.They get less and less each time, and I seem to be able to maintain these fits now by laying down and breathing techniques. First I feel queasy and uneasy and off and then I start to shake and They mainly happen at night.The shaking starts in the back of my legs and then my whole body begins to shake afterwards. It feels like a
combo of shaking because I'm nervous AND like I'm shivering from the cold.My bowel movements have gone back to normal but my heart rate is still off sometimes. I've been having palpitations off and on during the day and I'm on a beta blocker!! I don't understand. These episodes started out
lasting for hours, but now they last 20-25 minutes, maybe less.The only common denominator between that might be causing these fits is how I react to them. If I have something happen that seems "abnormal" like a pain, I start to freak out or if I even start to THINK about shaking it can happen, which is what is leading me to believe that it is anxiety related. I can't understand what is wrong with me. I don't have headaches or dizziness, or anything but I feel "off". People say you know your body and know when something is wrong. Well something is wrong with me. I have googled everything from "anxiety" to "epilepsy" to "brain tumors" in fear of it being related to something serious, which I'm sure doesn't help the anxiety in the slightest. Its hard to not think about this and just relax. Its disheartening not knowing why you are feeling this way. Am I having a seizure? Do I have an infection somewhere? Should I go see a neurologist? Are there any natural supplements I can take to combat this? I have an appointment for a full physical exam with my PCP on 12/3. Any advice on what I should ask her to check? Or what tests to do? I don't need a full explanation of what's wrong with me here, just a kind word from some other anxiety suffererswho may be going through the same thing as me Smile.

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replied November 27th, 2007
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Re: Anxiety.....or Something Else?
I really feel like you need to print this all out and give it to a doctor.

The first episode sounds like a panic attack. If you've had one, you can get more. These can be treated and cured.

Thyroid problems could cause tremors/shaking/anxiousness. If these symptoms are due to thyroid problems, you should treat the thyroid, not take other meds to cover up the symptoms. If your thyroid is normal, and you're taking thyroid meds, your thyroid will get messed up. Right??

So I'd print this all off and give it to a fresh doc and say "what's wrong with me?" it sounds like things got all confused by seeing different doctors or something.

Panic attacks start triggered by certain things, but as you keep getting them, they are triggered by the fear that you'll have an attack. Ironic, huh? It sounds like that is completely possible.

So if you see a doc and they can't fix anything or all your tests come back negative, go see a psychologist!!

And just remember that panic attacks are 100% treatable. You'll be fine.
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