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constant red eyes - nothing helps

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For several years, my eyes have always been red. I do wear contact lenses, but it does not seem to effect the level of redness in my eyes. I have gone weeks without wearing them in the past, and they are still red.

The only time they feel very irritated is when I wake up in the morning. They're so dry, it feels like they are glued shut and I have to put drops in. Clear Eyes gets rid of the redness, but it's only temporary. It wears off after about 30 minutes.

I don't have any swelling of the eyelids, and an optometrist has told me that my eyes are perfectly healthy. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be and how to fix it? I do have extremely high blood pressure. Could that be a factor?

Any help would be appreciated.
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First Helper aegiss

replied December 9th, 2007
DO NOT USE CLEAR EYES. They can cause rebound problems and actually make your eyes worse. Try using a preservative-free eye drops such as Refresh or Genteal when you wake up NOT Visine or Clear Eyes or anything that says "get the red out."

You should see an opthomologist as they have better treatments for dry eyes. It could also be conjunctivitis.
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replied December 25th, 2007
You may have dry eye. Refresh and Genteal are ok, but quite temporary.

You need to treat your dry eye from THE INSIDE OUT. Drink a lot of water, especially celery water. Take flaxseed oil supplements. Take bilberry supplements. Take omega-3 supplements.

Drink basil tea. Soak chamomile tea bags in warm water and place over eyes.

Use warm compresses before bed, and upon arising.

I am an optometrist specializing in dry eye.

Dr. Peters
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replied March 19th, 2010
new remedy found for red eyes
well... i am a sufferer of constant red eyes..
but i have found a new medicine for it and it is really looking good atleast after use of 1 month

this is ayurveda medicing by Swami Ramdev Baba. Eyedrops are called 'drishti' and they are sold in Indian market for like 25 rupees thats half a usd. but i think in US it is expensive...

this medicine is combination of onion juice / honey/ etc

when u put it in eyes the drop causes pain as its onion juice...

but after one month using it one drop morning and one at night i feel i should continue the drops as i am suffering less in bright light like walmart and redness is decreasing simultaneously

also as its ayurveda it is harmless and no side effects

so looking forward to it

nick Smile
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