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Arthroscopic Laser Surgery - back and sciatica

Dear Docs,
Could you perhaps help me, I've been reading so many posts regarding 'arthroscopic laser surgery' and many people have been overwhelmed with the results. Would you know of anyone performing this procedure in England (I'm based in London) or maybe Europe?
I've lived with my back and sciatica for many years. Bec of herniated disc at L5-S1 I had 2 spinal fusions in 1997/98 but to no avail. After that I've had nearly every type of pain management from nerve blocks to imput pain programmes for coping techniques, learning relaxation etc.

I have set backs and relapses but I'm always in pain. My GP has me on buckets of pills at mo as this relapse is really really bad. She'd like to refer me to a neurosurgeon.... I'd really like to explore this avenue too. Any ideas on how I'd go about it? Please, please, please help, as not much hair left to pull out lol. Many thanks, Noelle.
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replied November 22nd, 2007
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Bonati - Netherlands
Hello Noelle,

It is my understanding that Bonati has an intitute in the Netherlands.

A Bonati Institute Seminar is to be held in Hoopdorp, Holland on February 2, 2008 at the Baton Best Western Amsterdam Airport Hotel.

Noelle, I would suggest that you go to their web site and look around. It is

I hope some doctors may know of a laser spine clinic/institute in England.

Noelle, I would welcome you to the Laser Spine Surgery thread on EHealth. Several people have had back surgery at the Bonati Institute in Florida.

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replied November 23rd, 2007
My Thanks Again
Hi there Rich,

I was trying to send this post to the 'Doctor Questions' bit but couldn't seem to get that to work (rem 'mushed brain') ended up here somehow.

Have also been trying to follow LSS thread re everyone's experiences at/with Bonati Florida....but seem to keep losing pages as some answers don't make sense, so questions must be floating out there somewhere....I'm taking too many meds I think...if you don't mind I'd like to pick yr brain on how to operate these sites properly thru PM, if that's OK...or point me in the right direction.

Would like to say tho, reading all the threads so far have noticed how you've been so helpful to so many people imparting important info, words of wisdom, encouragement and support, always with heartfelt thoughts and prayers...and all the while I've glimpsed how hard you've had yr own mountain to climb.

"Bless You".........I feel real lucky that you picked up my posts. Cheers.
Will go checkout that website now.

Best Wishes, N
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