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Pressure On Top of My Head, Blurred Vision, Forgetfulness

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I am experiencing pressure in the top of my head. I was hit on top of my head about 10 years ago by a fouled baseball at a game, and I was wondering if maybe this is coming from that. I am used to Migraines, but now my headaches are different, they are more like constant pressure. I am also beginning to have blurred vission and trouble focusing. I have also noticed a change in my behaviors, I am easily "set off." I have noticed that I experience fits of rage at times. I have also noticed that I forget things easily and have no recollection of anything from more than about 10 years ago. I have noticed my symptoms getting worse. What could this be? I have recently started to get the feeling something is really wrong.
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replied November 21st, 2007
Extremely eHealthy
Do you usually get vision problems together with the headache?
Are you experiencing pressure on the top of your head everyday?
How long does this pressure last?
Have you noticed some changes in your sense of smell?
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replied February 29th, 2012
i "go off", blurred vision, preassure in top of head,
i have this too, and i remember that this happened after i used pefenazine, i remember that it blurred my vision, and from them it happens really often
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replied September 10th, 2012
Head pressure
I feel like this too. Ive had almost constant pressure on the top and my forehead. After a week my vision became blurry. I went to the Er and was admitted after I had an abnormal ct. I had an MRI and CTA done and they couldnt figure out what was wrong so they sent me home even though my head still hurt. Now I've had lightheadness and dizzy
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