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Infection After a Hip Replacement

I am a 51 year old male. I have always been quite active and played a lot of sport. I continued to do this until fairly recently (withe the aid of pain killers).

I had an uncemented total hip replacement in June of this year when the pain became unbearable.

2 weeks ago I developed a high temperature (39 degrees) which lasted for 2 days and did not respond to paracaetamol. My hip area became very swollen and inflamed. My groin area also became swollen and very painful.

My usual doctor told me i had an infection of the hip joint and prescribed antibiotics which cleared the symptoms very quickly.

The surgeon saw me about 10 days after the symptoms first showed (by which time they had largely subsided) and he said he though an infection of the hip was "unlikely". He did however outline the worst case scenario and told me a revision may be necessary if it does turn out to be an infection of my hip joint.

What else could it be?
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