Whenever i go on long benders, sometimes weeks at a time with at least 20 drinks a day and little food, i end up with lower stomach bloating but mainly on the left side. I have just recently had this symptom. I'm quite fit normally so it goes from the proverbial 6 pack to painful bloating on the lower left side.

Besides my obvious problem of using alcohol to deal with grief (has been the pattern since my dear Mum passed away suddenly when i was 12000 miles away 5 years back) does anyone know what these symptoms are consistent with or what organ is in that position?

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replied November 20th, 2007
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No doctor, but I would look at the liver.
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replied November 21st, 2007
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Your liver is one your right mid side and you stomach is on you left mid side. Could be just plain ole beer belly if you are mainly a beer drinker. Beer will bloat you alot more then a few drinks of a mixed drink. Please be careful, next it will be your liver and once serosis starts then the problems begin. I know greaf is hard to deal with, but for your mom's sake, I don't think she would want to see you like that. Please give AA a try. You'll meet good people and have a sponsor that you can lean on and call anytime.
Questionis (and be truthful with yourself) do you want to be clean and sober? And yes, by all means, get checked out by a physcian.

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