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a List of the Symptoms I Have Had / Have... Please Advise Me

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Well, this is my first post here or anything like this for that matter. I don't have insurance currently and I'm a full time student taking 23 credit hours a semester. I used to be heavily into drugs during what they call the "teenage rebellious" years. I did quite a bit of coke and meth and overdosed one nite on meth. The hospital said "your heart definately had quite a work out!" I remember my left arm going completely stiff and my heart pumping as if it were going to explode (very very fast). That has been 5 years ago, I went to the doctor about 2 years ago and told him all of the things I'm telling you right now. He promptly advised that I strap on a 24-hour monitor to my chest just to make sure everything was ticking properly. The hospital came back and said everything was fine. The problem here lately is, I don't feel like everything is fine. At times (it has come and gone since then) I will get a pain on the backside of my left arm - like a stiff pain that shoots around mediumly. That part freaks me out because of the fact that my left arm completely stiffened up that day 5 years ago. But that wouldn't be making me paranoid if that was it. A lot more is going on: My fingertips on both hands will tingle while I'm walking or moving around sometimes (I heard somewhere that was a bad heart circulation sign), I always feel like my chest is very heavy and like I am taking labored breaths(that part is probably due to smoking). Now, here's the part that is getting to me the most: I will do something not too laboring at all such as striding up one flight of stairs or lifting something heavy and moving it around. My heart will beat very very very HARD & FAST for minutes upon minutes from anything like that. When I say hard, if I put someone's hand on my chest where my heart is and they feel it they are freaked out by it and tell me ummm yea you might need to go to the doctor, it really feels like its thudding against my chest bone! But here I am thinking to myself again, I went and got that 24 hour monitor done just a couple years ago and everything said: normal. A health nut friend told me not too long ago, "at the age of 23 a person is at the physical peak of their life". That is why all these questions are arising in my right now... If I'm having all these symptoms at the age of 23, can this really be normal? I will be completely honest that out of all the things I used to torture and kill my body with, there is only one thing left: smoking, and I know that is not good on the heart, but I've tried to quit and make it 14 days here recently.. so understand that: I am trying! But it seems to me like there are 3 million other 23 year olds that smoke and drink every nite and don't seem to be having these same symptoms. I don't drink anymore, no drugs, only smoking left to break as a habit - and I will do that eventually. But what gives? Am I being extremely paranoid about all these symptoms because of what happened to me in the past? Or is this something that I seriously need to go get tested and tested for w/o insurance and pay and pay for it. I'd rather pay money for it now rather than pay for my life by not going later. But at the same time, I am a 23 cred college student w/ no job or insurance, see things in those real life terms also. That is why I'm here. Thanks for any input / advise / criticism you may have.

Age: 23
Weight: 170 lbs
Height: 6 ft
Family medical: my mom died 2 years ago of a rare disease called TTP, she also had lupis and rumatory arthritis. I dont think that has anything to do w/ these symptoms though. A few of my aunts and uncles and my grandma has diabetes.
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replied November 22nd, 2007
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i dnt knw what you have but i have alot of chest pain palputation jaw and left ar m pain and mine i s suppose to be anxiety !

maybe when they told you that your heart had a good work up ! when you overdosed you started convincing yourself
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