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Pcos Medication Anameniahora>> Ect....

Hello my name is Brandi.. I have been dealing with PCOS I would say for about 3 years now well that is when i found out I was dignosed with it.. I also have Metibolic syndrom and ananimahora.. which means no periods for times on end.. ( I do have them though every so often) I was perscribed Some insline medication Glucothoge (spelling) it made me really sick and dizzy so I told the doctor and he took me off.. Then I really wanted to get pregnate so he said we have to make sure that with your PCOS you are even ovulating.. So I took Clomid 2 cycles the doc said is was best not to do more than that.. I went to get my blood taken both times and I had not ovulated.. IT seems deppresing.. I also have anxiety and Panic Disorder.. which somehow I think this is all together.. I have since got my Anxiety undercontrol.. just struggle with small things.. Which is better than it was.. I dont know what kind of hope I have out there anymore.. I mean it seems to me there could be something to help ladies with these disorders and not just dismiss is as well maybe you should think about IVFS or InVitro or Adoption.. All those are great but I want my own body to give me a child.. I dont feel any diffrent from regular women except I dont get to enjoy the though that I might lay down with my husband one night and 2 weeks later be pregnate..
If you would like to chat or voice your opinions please do it here.. I dont have anyone really to talk to about it..
Thanks Brandi!
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replied November 19th, 2007
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Well, they may want to up your doseage of clomid. That could help with your ovulation. Glucophage also helps regulate ovulation so you may want to try and take a lower dose of that and see if your body can handle it. One thing that might help is exercising and losing some weight. That is if you are overweight. A lot of times if a pcos patient just loses weight it can induce ovulation. I know that's easier said than done. I was diagnosed with PCOS back in May and actually got pregnant the same month so you never know. I hope everything works out for you. Welcome to the forum!
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