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I May Have Caught An Std Pls Help Me

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heres the deal: i have been having sex with a girl for about 2months now. we have unprotected vaginal, anal and oral sex often. we typically have sex 3-5 times per day, 6 days a week. recently, some parts of her past have came up and its very frightening.

i learned she has had almost 30 sex partners and have seen her diary which read of her catching crabs about 3 years ago. since ive been with her, she contracted a yeast infection as well. sadly, considering her past, i have reason to believe she may have more diseases of which i am not aware.

since i have learned all this, i fear i may have caught something. I have no pain, blisters, bumps or anything abnormal on any area of my gentitals. no discharge, burning, nor tingling, nothing abormal at all, and no symptoms of anything. but i do have an odd, almost soft pain in the area below my belly button and it feels like its behind my stomach, meaning its internal, nothing topical. and its nothing related to having to go to the bathroom, its more like a sore muscle feel.

i have also been feeling a bit fatigued recently. but i accredit this to the fact that i have learned of all this in the past 24 hours.

i am very nervous that i may have been exposed to something and was tested clean of everything at my last test immediatley before meeting her. she told me she was tested clean this past june, but again i am positiive she has had at least 2 sex partners between then and myself.

im not sure if i have a legitamate infection of anything or if my body is just reacting to both the immense volume of rough sex im having paired with discovering these horrible secrets.

i hope i gave enough information, i can give more details of any aspect, but i feel its well explained.
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replied November 21st, 2007
I would be scared too! If you are really paranoid, go see the doctor ASAP so that you know for sure. If you do care for this girl and wish to continue the relationship, then always use condoms because it will be worth it. If she says she tested clean, hopefully you can trust her. Remember, crabs don't stay forever, and yeast infections can happen to any girl, regardless of sexual activity, and cannot be passed to a male.

If you have a good relationship with her, then she shouldn't mind your request for her to get tested again.

Also, since this is causing much anxiety, perhaps you need to find a way to talk about this and ask for her honesty. If she refuses to get tested or mention her sexual medical history then she is being selfish because your health is at risk. In that case you might want to look for a new girlfriend...
And I'm sorry about the situation you're going thru.
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replied November 28th, 2007
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Don't make yourself sick from worrying. That's why your abdomen hurts. It sounds like a muscle cramp, no STD has symptoms of just abdominal pain. Crabs are easy to get rid of and if she got them 3 years ago, I'm sure she has rid herself of them.

If you are seriously worried, you can see your doctor or simply go get tested at a health department.
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replied December 3rd, 2007
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If you have annal intercourse with this girl (I don't care if you were using a condom or not) you may get a urinary tract infection, E-coli is usually the culprit, you need to be tested also for other infections, she may not know if she is infected or not. Hepatitis b and C very important, HIV. Syphilis ( you may go thru life with a positive RPR-test for syphilis and not know it) and a Urinary check up. Also a rectal exam to check your prostate. She also need all these testes and Pap-smear to evaluate if she is having any infection like chlamydia if you had rectal sex with her and then vaginal sex without bathing first she may have a vaginitis and an infection
Good Luck to you for now I think your prostate and your urine should be check soon as possible. talk to your doctor, you sound young so try to go to public clinics they are free
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