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Bp And Blood Sugar

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i have a normal bp, which tends to go low sometimes. I am 5'7" and weigh 115 pounds. I used to be underweight. Infact I have put on some of this weight in last 6 months. I like to exercise to keep fit and trim. But I dont have much stamina. I dont sweat when I work-out. Instead, I even feel cold especially around my head when exercising. I start feeling weak like with low blood sugar.

I have a low body temperature. Any idea how I can keep my body toned, not over-eat and be fit?

How can I exercise more and not be weak?

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replied April 14th, 2004
Extremely eHealthy
Get your blood sugar checked first, but consider that maybe the low bp causes the coldness etc & if so, low bp needs some salt. I have qqite low bp & sometimes I crave salt (usually when my bp is really really low!!) so you might try having something salty for these times, but first check your sugar levels.
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