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Radioligy -what are invasive cells seen in diagnostic mamogram

my aunt went to her ob yesterday for two very large hard lumps in her right breast that are beginning to cause her pain one takes up just about the whole top of her breast and one on the bottom they sent her straight for a diagnostic mamogram and they did some ultrasounds as well the radioligist came in and told her he is very sorry he could not give her good news and that it did not look good and that he saw what looked like some invasive cells and that she would have to go back to her ob today and he wants her to be reffered to a surgeon immediately he did not give out much info and we are terrified does invasive cells mean she has invasive breast cancer does she have breast cancer at all? sorry this is so long but we are very concerned and dont know what to expect at the ob today thanks so much for your replies
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replied November 16th, 2007
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Invasive cells means cancer cells that have potential to invade the surrounding tissue (to spread).
I guess your aunt has breast cancer due to examination results.
When did the hard lumps appear?
Does she has discoloration of her breast?
Was she checked for swollen lymph nodes?
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