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Taking Herbal Remedy With Hypoglycemia

is herbal remedy good for hypoglycemia
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hi all i an new here and have a question to ask. i have had hyopglycemia for 22 years with out knowing it every day of my life ive felt bad and unwell had blood tests and tests come back as nothing wrong. finaly they say i have hypoglycemia. now at 42 finding it hard to cope with. i was advised to take chromium picolinate and ABC plus which is a multi - vitamin and multi- mineral formular ... other groups like yahoo saying i should not take theese herbal remedys . now im really confused. where i got the herbal from holland and barrett say the chromium picolinate is a sugar ballance and keeps it level so its not up and down all the time. am i doing right or wrong by taking herbal remedys?

many thanks donna
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replied November 18th, 2007
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I've never tried this, but I do take other remedies and they helped me significantly, but mainly only vitamins.
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