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Should I Get Second Opinion?

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I am uncertain of what to do next.
I have had intermittent hip pain/irritation since I was a teenager. I did visit a chiropractor a time or two because of a "pinching" feeling in the hip area. The pinching and irritation seemed to lesson as I got older and smaller. Wink I have included this history of hip annoyances because I believe that they do play a part in...what ever is happening now.

In September I believe I injured or inflamed my hip while giving my niece (who is far too old for this) a piggy back ride. After my x-rays, my general physician's office called a told me that my films showed some degenerative joint damage and scheduled me for an MRI. My doctor then called to tell me that the MRI showed that my tendon was/is pinched too. I was sent to an orthopedic for evaluation. This doctor didn't explain much to me and didn't leave me feeling very confident in him. In passing he mentioned cyst(s) on my femur, which was the first time I'd heard that, but didn't think that they were anything to worry about. His advise was to rest for two months and go from there. I have cut WAY back on the time I spend on my feet but I am a mother two young ones and work at a job that requires me to at least stand, if not walk, for the duration of the day. I did feel some improvement but nothing significant. I was/am in pain when I walk, get up from seated position, try to lift my leg or when I roll over at night, which was waking me up quite often. My gate had been greatly affected and started to cause me major aches in my neck and shoulders. My general doc prescribed a muscle relaxer to take at bed time. This too seemed to improve my discomfort to a small degree. I have to say that I have had enough discussion about my leg from everyone in my family and coworkers. "Ouch, looks like you're really hurting today." or "Wow, you're still limping." Ugh...yes I've been walking like a mummy and but I don't need imitations to let me see how awfully I'm walking. A few days ago, roughly a month after my Ortho visit and two months into this hell, I was put on Macrobid for a bladder infection. To my great surprise and joy, my hip is feeling better. It is still sore most of the time but nowhere near as painful. I am enjoying the relief but it is still occasionally painful when standing, walking, or twisting my body. I put a call into my ortho. They said maybe it was the bladder infection causing hip pain. Well, I can tell you with 100% certainty that this pain is not related to my bladder infection. I can tell you when, where and why my bladder infection got it's start and it was only around for a day or so before I got in to see my doctor. I have a few days left on my antibiotics and I am wondering if I should get a second opinion if my leg flares back up after I stop taking them. Wow...I hope that made some sense. Opinions or similar experiences?
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replied November 14th, 2007
2nd Opinion
Yes - I would definately get a 2nd and 3rd opinion!
I was finally diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia 5 years ago at age 28 after YEARS of unexplained hip pain. You don't want to mess around with hips! I also am a mother of 2 little ones (3years and 7 months) - and am now facing the possibility of replacement/resurface or a reconstructive surgery.
My pain comes and goes - the sharp pain in groin after sitting comes with no warning! I believe that is caused by a torn labrum (which I believe I have in both hips) I get a dull ache in the hip - especially at night or after I exercise. Along with dysplasia I have osteoarthritis and cysts in the hip.
I have gone to MANY doctors - 3 in the past few months and am going to Boston to see a specialist next week.
I would go to as many doctors as you can! (They will all most likely have different opinions - mine did!!) At least you will get some answers and possible reasons for the hip pain. I have realized that hip pain is not normal in someone that is 33 years old - and have decided not to live with pain anymore. Now I just need to figure out what surgery to have!!
If you do not feel comfortable with a doctor - move on. My doctor that diagnosed me 5 years ago just told me to "live with the pain until I can't take it anymore - then get a replacement". That was not the answer I was looking for, so I moved on to other doctors.
I had to go to 3 doctors 5 years ago before I got my diagnosis of hip dysplasia. The first 2 just said I had a torn labrum - nothing else. When I went to the 3rd - he actually called another doctor in to look at my x-rays - and told me I had the hips of a 70 year old. I was in shock that the other doctors didn't see this!

So my advice - go to other doctors - ASAP.

Beth Smile
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