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Red bumps on my buttocks - what kind of skin problem?

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About a year ago I noticed that I had a red bump on my buttocks. It didn't itch but it was kind of sore but not so much that I could sit down. I thought it might have been a zit so I popped it and clear liquid came out. A few weeks later another bump appeared in another location and I repeated the same thing. After that I just stopped popping them because I knew it wasn't a good idea. For awhile, the bumps would reappear and then seemingly heal itself and I notice they leave a bluish mark that fadded to a redish mark. This spread over both my buttocks and now are starting to appear on my side and one even on my leg. (Note that the bumps never appear in a place more than once.) Sometimes they make the area around the bump itch a little but not usually, mostly they are just sore and very red. I also haven't noticed and white or black head on the bumps, they're all just a bright red.

I had gotten herpes simplex in my eye years before and I had wondered maybe if somehow it had gotten on my buttocks but when I saw a doctor about it and she said from what I told her that it wasn't herpes because they didn't come in clusters but the bumps sound like they're herpes. At first she told me to use phisoderm (a medical soap for acne and breakouts) but so far I haven't noticed it helping much. I'm going to go back again and I'm trying to find a dermatologist but I was wondering if someone might give me a clue as to what the heck these things are.

I have a lot of skin problems and I've ruled out zits, acne, ingrown hairs, and probably herpes.
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replied November 21st, 2007
Sorry, no idea. But once you know maybe you can enlighten us too. I wish you luck.

- Rooted
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replied November 30th, 2007
Try Again.
Classic case of Ingrown hair.
I go to the gym 6 days a week...RIGHT after the gym i HAVE to shower or i will get these bumps. They are EXTREMELY annoying and if you pop them, you get a badass scar...
Showering twice a day helps, as well as using Cetaphil on the buttox and the crotch.

Let us know!
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replied December 6th, 2007
Bumps On Me Bum
Hi ya, I get these sometimes and like u said sumtimes itchy but most of the time their just red n sore and sumtimes pretty big.

I used to get them a hell of a lot wen i was in skool and my doc put it dwn to heat bumps, where i was wearing tights it was irritating by backside n tops of my legs.

I still get it now but only if i sit with bare legs on a plasic chair coz i makes them a bit sweaty n hot.

The only thing that really wrks for me is to leave them alone otherwise they come back with a vengance, and dnt wear tights or anything that makes ur ass to hot.


Any help?
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replied October 6th, 2009
this is gonna sound wierd, but it works. I read where Elizabeth Hurley rubbed her but w/ sandpaper after every shower, to prevent zits. Well, I do it before every shower, and guess works! Dont do it too hard, though
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