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Infected w/HIV after touching prostitute's vagina?

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i recently went to a prostitute, at that time i touched her vagina and after that i have touched my penis without any protection. my doubt here is will hiv transmits to me if she had HIV. i dint had sex on that day at all and i have mastrubated after i touched her vagina. i am a bit worried if her vaginal fluid passed on to my fingures and to my penis while i mastrubated. i did not put mi fingure into her vagina i just touched her outer part of her vagina.

please help me wether hiv can be transmitted by this way? since than after that day i started getting slight red spots near my penis area , knee, arm pits and some on my legs which are itching.

please help me wether i may have infected with HIV.. i am a bit scared...
thank you
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First Helper MARQEIS

replied November 13th, 2007
Very Few Chances
Red Spots are indicating an STD(Sexually Transmited Disease). Nothing to worry at all. If you start to get worried then you will see symptoms of HIV even if you are not infected. Not worrying is the key because what you did was nothing at all.. And do remember while HIV unknown girl-friends are a risk, prostitues are not an option at all please keep off them.

This 19yr old mother of a 2ry old has one day experienced some fever and flu like symptoms. She's checking online casually and some how got to this forum and started to understand her symptoms relate to a HIV infection. She's written that her kid's not with his father and how scared she got learning that she could die soon of HIV if she was infected at all. I would like you to step into her shoes and feel the moments she might have experienced. Think how hard it is to imagine that your loved ones are going to miss you and might end up help-less for their whole life.

Now all this happened only on the assumption that the symptoms were that of HIV and not knowing it for sure. If you read these posts, you will understand all of them are posted with similar doubts in mind. And all these posts were written with the circumstances they experienced and not the result of the tests they took.

If you can spare few minutes of your time and post your test result, then consider you are helping thousands of scared(as you are now) people get relieved of their tension. SO PLEASE POST YOUR TEST RESULT ONCE YOU GET IT, SO PEOPLE CAN RELATE THIER CIRCUMSTANCES WITH THE ACTUAL OUTCOMES!

HIV Facts! (Not the ones you already know of)
HIV is not that easy to get. It will not venture out like a cold virus. HIV must inject its RNA into the human cell and just cannot live on the side like other viruses. You must consistently and thoroughly help it attach itself to a human cell. Remember it is not a human disease in the first place. It is only about 50yr old and still evolving to be a human virus and it will take atleast a few thousand years before it can look out for a human host.

Risk per 10,000 unprotected exposures to an infected source
Blood transfusion ---- 9,000
Needle-sharing injection-drug use ---- 67
Receptive anal intercourse ---- 50
Percutaneous needle stick ---- 30
Receptive penile-vaginal intercourse ---- 10
Insertive anal intercourse ---- 6.5
Insertive penile-vaginal intercourse ----- 5
Receptive oral intercourse ---- 1
Insertive oral intercourse ---- 0.5

A cut on your finger in the morning might have already had a plasmatic coating in about 4Hrs which will usually not allow HIV to enter in. For a better chance of infection the cut must be reasonably big, minutes fresh and with sufficient HIV virus load. There is virtually 0% cases reported world-wide that some one got infected by cut-wound blood transfusion.

HIV infection through oral activity has about 90% less chances because the HIV virus does not live outside the fluid for more than about a minute and saliva, stomach juices are not good carriers.

HIV did not infect many people who had sex several hundred times with their HIV +ve partners unknowingly. Human body has some unknown resistance to this virus and is well proven with many people so far.

HIV can be tested accurately(95%) starting from 2 weeks of possible exposure by a PCR-DNA test. Relatively Costly. Looks for HIV in the blood. False Positives are relatively higher than False Negatives.

HIV can be tested accurately(95%) starting from 3 months of possible exposure by antigen and antibody tests (eg: ELISA). Looks for anti-bodies in the blood that fight HIV. Tests for all strains of HIV.

HIV cannot stay in the body un-detected by our recent testing methods. Chances of non-detection are almost near zero.

HIV can be cured if PEP(ART treatment) program is given starting within 72 hours of possible exposure and continued for 2-3 months. The success ratio is 70-80% and many health-care workers who get stung by infected needles take this program and a survey suggests zero out of 400 of accidentally infected people treated with PEP program did not get HIV for life.

HIV Symptoms: Usually noticed between 2 to 3 weeks of possible exposure. Flu, Fever, Sore Throats, Lymph Node Swells, Skin Rashes(Mostly on the torso), Night Sweats, Fatigue & Tiredness. Only about 80-90% of people notice some of these symptoms. 95% of people who feel the above symptoms without being tested does not have HIV. The reason for such symptoms are the bodily reactions controlled by stressed out minds as HIV is a deadly disease. Mind has the ability to simulate the symptoms in the body if your stress is so much that you think you might die soon.

Most of the HIV surveys so far are compiled on HIV aggressive areas like Thailand Drug Usage areas, African Bush meat eating areas, Asian sex-working areas etc. So your chances of infection are only 10% of those published in the surveys.

Religion, Spiritual Transition, Redemption are some of the effective ways to pass your time while awaiting your test results. Like most of them you will lack concentration on work and many make a mistake by spending time alone. Instead spend your time with your close ones, friends, relatives and some time with your God. Every one commits sin in several ways and moments like this can be wisely used to your benefit by redeeming yourself into a better person. It need not be sexual sins alone, think of all those un-worthy things you did, pass your time thinking how you can better yourself if you are given a second chance of life. I am 99.99% sure you will be given this second chance.

We take time giving practical facts and help relive your stress, We expect you to take few minutes of your time to relive stress of several thousand users of these forums by POSTING YOUR TEST RESULTS! I know for sure 99% of people will get -ve results which is why they forget to come back to the forums. If they are +ve then they would definitely come for more info and would generally respond to the posts. So, Please once again POST YOUR TEST RESULTS!
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replied April 23rd, 2009
hi i just had sex today in thailand but it was only for like 45 seconds i had worn a condom which dint tear off neither slipped off but heard from many people wearin condom is nt all time safe so just worried if any disease cld pass on to me like aids plz help
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replied October 17th, 2010
Oral sex with female prostitute without condom, Chance of HIV?
I had sex with a prostitute in Macau and she gave me oral sex but didn't put a condom on me. The oral sex was only for about 1-2 minutes before she put a condom on and then we started having sex. The place said that they have monthly check ups and have blood tests every 6 months and that they are clean. I am still worried though that I am at risk of HIV or something like that. If someone who has reliable knowledge about this I would appreciate it so I can stop freaking out so bad. Thank you
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replied October 13th, 2011
Hello, I had sex with a escort who came to my hotel room. i did not had any vaginal intercourse with her , i was wearing a condom and she took my penis in her mouth while i was still wearing my condom on,as this was my first time i got nervous and i ask her to move and i came out with out having any sex intercourse with her. and went into a rest room .before me she went in to the rest room so when i went in there i saw some blood on the floor and i was freeked out I asked her about it and she said she thought she was over her period but must not have been. Actually, it was more like clots than menstrual blood. The sight of the blood freaked me out and I immediately took a shower and washed my genital area with soap and water. Needless to say, I have been freaked out over the incident since there was blood involved i have not seen blood on the condom when she took my penis in her mouth and i have not had any sex with her and she also kissed my chest but no french kiss its was like couple of minutes with her. I talked to her about her HIV status and such and she said she gets tested every three months and seemed to be very knowledgable about it in general but I don't know how much of that to believe. So, my question is how worried should I be? im a married man im scared that i might giv any desease to my wife plz help.
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replied April 9th, 2012
i think am infected

thank you for all this information. I had unprotected sex in Feb, 2012 which the girl told me she is HIV+ and after some week i started having sore throat, headache,nose bleeding, weakness but i went to the hospital a blood test which was okay but the Doctor siad i need come after 3 months before an HIV test i done. So i am waiting until May, 2012 next month and i will surely post my result here.

Is there any hope for a cure HIV virus.
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replied April 24th, 2012
My name is Anonymous and I am 24 years old. It was 9:30pm and the sky was drizzling. I was alone at home with nothing to look forward to. I inclined to put on some porn to chill out. Conversely, I said why wouldn't I seek a prostitute and do the real thing instead of watching two people doing each other? Indeed, I went for a walk down town and met a sex worker. She seemed to be 29 years old. She was cute, friendly and affordable. We stepped in the house and Everything seemed all right and innocuous.

After a little chat that lasted for about 10 minutes, we got carried away and started undoing each other's clothes. She dexterously put a condom onto my shaft and started giving me oral sex. 5 minutes later, I pushed her aggressively into the bed and entered her. Accordingly, it was my first time and I could not deny that the feeling of my penis inside her felt tremendously great and absolutely terrific. I relished it very much so.

The intercourse lasted for about 10 minutes. I tried almost all sexual positions that I was admiring on TV and magazines, I ejaculated inside her and pulled out after few seconds. Whereafter, my happy life changed completely into a horrible nightmare. It was when I noticed that the condom I was wearing broke. I freaked out. Both of us did. (she did because she was worried that she'd get pregnant) I was startled and as silent as a Turk.

We bid farewell and I went to bed. Truth be told, I spent the following day seeking HIV symptoms. Everyday, the thought of me diagnosed with HIV had been settling in my mind for aye. Every day I opened my eyes, the horrible and unwanted idea stroke and just didn't want to quit me. My life had been awful for 312 days! To crown it all, I could not even do a blood test since I did not know what I would do if I were HIV+...What would I tell my parents? my faithful girlfriend? my friends?

Last week, I laid myself out to share my story with my best friend. I nearly cried after telling him everything. He was comprehensive and a good listener. He suggested that I should get a test the following day and no matter what the results were, I should remain calm and rational. Indeed, yesterday I did a HIV test. I was told that I had to wait 15 minutes for the results. Those 15 minutes were the most egregious moments of my entire life; My heart skipped numerous beats. I am writing this and yet cannot believe that I was diagnosed HIV-. I even promised the doctor that I shall never have any sexual intercourse before marriage. I shall keep my promise and I shall never watch porn or any form of copulation whatsoever.

I shall always keep myself busy and concentrate entirely on my studies and beautiful girlfriend. I thank God for giving me another chance. I have a feeling that if I had sex again with a prostitute that I would test HIV+. I promise the whole world that I will never come near anybody else again. I entreat the world to stay safe. Please do not make any rash decision that would wreck your lives. Think wisely!


Yours faithfully.
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replied February 12th, 2015
Hi doctor
pls i need some advice i have boyfrnd but his having sex with the prostitute since last year july but i find out only dis year january i'm abit scared do i infected because i felt bad have itchy vaginal discharge strong smell my vaginal i dont have that before.,sore throat fever cough and cold flu..pls i'm so scared need your advice..thank you very much dr..very appreciated...from anna
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replied February 12th, 2015
Hi doctor
pls i need some advice i have boyfrnd but his having sex with the prostitute since last year july but i find out only dis year january i'm abit scared do i infected because i felt bad have itchy vaginal discharge strong smell my vaginal i dont have that before.,sore throat fever cough and cold flu..pls i'm so scared need your advice..thank you very much dr..very appreciated...from anna
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replied June 8th, 2015
scared from hiv
hi doctor
please give me reply as soon as possible i rubbed my penis with a cloth full of vaginal water it wil cause me hiv ?
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replied September 7th, 2015
Hi doctor i wanna know will i be infected...i had sex with a young lady but use my jockey as a condom and stop and search for a condom and didnt find one so i stop the whole sex story
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