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Nuvaring with dysmenorrhea

I'm a 26 year old and I recently began using nuvaring to deal with dysmenorrhea and plan on using it continuously (new ring every three weeks) to go without a period for three months at a time. I had no problems/side effects at all during the first two weeks, but began spotting on the third week. I was concerned because I had been on orthocyclen a few years back and never had spotting in the past. I've read that this is pretty normal (esp. With low hormone methods), but the bleeding has not stopped and gotten a little heavier. It's still not quite as heavy as a period, but has changed from brown "old" blood to fresh red blood.

I'll be inserting a new ring tomorrow and i'm hoping that the bleeding will stop! Should I be concerned?? Or just wait it out for another cycle or two?

Is it normal to spot this heavily and for five days coninuously??

Thanks to anyone who can help...
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replied April 26th, 2004
Nuva Ring
I also spotted for the first time in my life while on the nuva ring. My doctor told me that it was one of the side effects. It was light though, and only for one day... So I don't know. I didn't know that you could go continuously on the ring. I was on it for a year, but I always took my week off. That is a lot of spotting though. Did you test for pregnancy before you started? Maybe it's just a weird start to a regular period. Sorry I can't give more advice.
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replied January 11th, 2010
i swear by nuvaring
i have been on the nuvaring for 4 years it has been the best birth control ever. i had spotting like i was on my period at first it can take max 3 months to change your system after ortho. it is totally worth it i am down to my period being 1 day a month now it is wonderful but heavy. so keep at it.
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