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Pains Post Op Oxford Partial Knee Replacement

I had surgery 2 weeks ago. I fell on day 3 in my bathroom and landed on my knee, full weight. I thought I had torn the whole thing lose inside my knee. Upon xray, it looked like everything was still in place.

Since that fall, I have pain on my side joint. It comes and goes and is a burning, searing pain. There is also sporadic pain in my inside thigh area that feels like someone is twisting that muscle. It radiates to my shin bone and the skin feels like it is crawling. It last about 10 seconds and then dissipates. I have an area on my outer joing that is numb about 12 inches down my leg. Although is numb feeling, the slightest pressure such as just rubbing lightly, causes nerve pain. I don't know if this may be nerves cut at the incision or could it be caused from the Nerve block that they used at the femoral area. They used pivocaine, I think in the block.

I just don't know what pains are normal to experience and I always fear that I will have the worst outcome with things. I am definitely not a GOOD Patient!!!
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replied February 11th, 2009
post op partial knee replacement
Can genital herpes infection become systemic and infect the titanium in the knee replacement which is susceptible to infection? Also, can divirticulitus become dangerous in the same way?
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