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Lumps On the Inside of Legs Under the Skin

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i keep getting lumps on the inside of my legs. they are at the top. the doc said a while ago it was folicilitis (im noT convinced) and to burst them with a pin.! i have done and there is blood and puss comes out(sorry). then tey just fill up again. they do not get a head on as such and are under the skin. some are the size of a pea and some are bigger. they are very unsightly and have left scars. i was wondering if anyone knew what they could be and how to get rid o them
many thanks in advance
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replied February 19th, 2009
arlson - lumps
Been exactly the same - after about 10 and following numerous doc's visits, being told in a very condescending manner that "some people are just prone to them" and being sent away with . . . yet more fluxoxacillin . . . yey . . . I pushed for a referral - after an hour's examination was told that I could either; go on lifetime antibiotics (which, by the way, would make it difficult to treat me for - say - a chest infection); change my clothing, type of shower gel etc (which I have done), don't shave but try waxing (do anyway); or have an operation to remove all of the skin around there which, she told me, would leave terrible scarring - oh, and she took a swab just in case - no sign of anything wrong but 'a very slight may' be a hiccup with my 'eco-system' down there - which is treatable! Here's hoping!
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