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Late Mini Pill, Possible Pregnancy??

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am on the mini pill (Cerazette) i have been late takin it the last few weeks, the leaflet inside says that i would still be covered up to 12 hours late, but i am feelin rubbish lately ive been feelin sick, ave stomach ache, headaches, achin allover, ave noticed i ave put on a little weight but ave not been eatin more than normal,also some food i like now tastes awful i know this sounds weird just wondered if anyone had been throu same thing n what they did about it, i know im prob not preg just wondered if i cud b.
i have missed a period as my period was due on thursday and never arrived but i didnt know if it was just the pill as i have read that they can stop periods.
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replied November 11th, 2007
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Yes you may be pregnant.
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