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Is it common for a child to have Autisim and Adhd ?

Ihave a 9yr old boy who has Autisim and ADHD he is on medication of Ritalin and sleeping tablets, Have just found out that he has got two holes in his ears and will need hearing aids in both ears, Im a bit worried he wont adapt to them very well. Is it common for a child to have both Autisim and ADHD at the same time. I also have two other boys with speech & lanague disorders age 5 and 11. The 5 yrold sometimes shows the same problems as the one with Autisim, I dont know if he copies him or if he has simualar symtoms.
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replied November 13th, 2007
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It is not uncommon for a child with autism to have ADHD. attention span is an issue with autism. I know several children with autism that have a very short attention span. for instance one child i know cant sit still at anything for more than a minute. You may have to slowly introduce the hearing aides. just have him wear them for short periods of time--start with 5 min and slowly work your way up to all day and then all the time. it helps if you have a timer that beeps.( this proceedure is called shaping)

It is possible that your 5 year old is "copying" children learn by immitation. It may be just what he is doing.
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replied November 29th, 2007
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Let's consider the multitude of school vaccinations, alone, containing highly toxic mercury as a preservative and goes right for the brain. Dental amalgams lose 50% of their mercury content throughout one's life as a gas and goes from lungs directly to the brain. And this is just one element. After some combing my findings are that children are not being cared for any better than when these issues were almost unknown, either on the preventative or treatment level in the public domain.
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