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Are these symtpoms of lupus ? young son acting like old man

My son has had a series of health problems and I am convinced they are all related in some way. He had his galbladder removed last Sept it was diseased is all they said. Then in Jan. he had an emergency appendectomy, they said his appendix were hardened. He is a very athletic guy and even won his wrestling Sectionals just ten days after his appendix were removed. So when he says pain, you can believe it is real and powerful.
He was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in his spine and hip in
May of this year
He recently blacked out after running a mile on the treadmill. He just was so disoriented and fatigued we got worried and went to the doc. He ran a series of tests including and EKG. The EKG showed high QTs and he has now had every heart test there is including a heart cath. He is on a thirty day heart monitor now. He is taking a Beta Blocker also
He had a small seizure after his heart cath
He is having very strange vision problems
He has severe bouts of fatigue
We have been to the ER twice now for cartiladge inflamation in his
chest and ribs
He complains about having an extreme heat all the time all over
He has trouble concentrating, trouble remembering things and has
had some significant personality changes
I am scared to death that they are going to fool around and let this thing get out of control before they give a diagnosis. The doctor has already told us that he thinks he might have Lupus, but he is waiting on all the heart tests with the cardialogist to be done before we go see a rheumatalogist. If anyone has suffered from similar symptoms or has any suggestions I would love to hear from you. My once vibrant 16 year old son now acts like a sixty year old man and it hurts to see such a dramatic change!
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replied February 29th, 2008
doesnt sound like lupus
your doctor said he thinks it might be lupus but it sounds like the furthest thing from lupus. lupus isnt usually associated with seizures and heart problems. fatigue and vision yes, i havent heard of personality changes due to lupus (personality changes due to medication your on for the lupus-yes.)
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replied December 21st, 2008
Lupus absolutely causes seizures and personality changes
as well as heart issues.

Google "CNS Lupus" and you will see that seizures are actually common in lupus patients, especially males.

I realize that this is an old thread, so I hope by now you've gotten a diagnosis. My daughter is 13 and has lupus..and it took a long time for the bloodwork to reveal what was causing her arthritis and seizures.
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