My 21 yr old daughter was very overweight (240 lbs at highest). It was so sad to see her throughout her schooling years. Her self esteem was so low, and she was very unhealthy (but never sick). She opted for gastric bypass almost 2 years ago. She now weights 120 lbs. They performed lap surgury, only a few small incision holes and she was out of the hospital in two days. The first year was problem free. Then the nightmare began!!
It started out with a sharp stabbing pain (she said like a knife) on the right side under the rib cage. She can feel a knot exactly where the pain is. MRI's, blood work, liquid + xrays revealed nothing. She was hospitalized many times, always sent home without any idea of what was causing the pain. Then a MD thought she might have gall stones. So she had surgery to remove her gall bladder. Then she developed a hernia, so she had another surgery to repair the hernia. But the original stabbing pain still existed. The MD's got tired of seeing her in ER, and (I've seen this in other postings) said it was a psychiatric issue. They started prescribing percocet and anti anxiety medication. Most recently she began to have "black stools". She was tired all the time, had night sweats and was dizzy. She experienced memory loss. Her hemoglobin dropped to very low levels. She was hospitalized and they did an upper scope. She was bleeding inside the stomach (an ulcer) around the stomach stitching. She had a serious infection. They put her on antibiotics, and told her to drink liquids until the infection and ulcer clear up. She is basically unable to work and is addicted to percocet. AND SHE STILL HAS THE ORIGINAL STABBING PAIN. She is contemplating exploratory surgery to see if she might have scarring from the original procedure. It is so sad and scary to see my lovely daughter in her current condition. She is so young, and I am truly worried that she is going to be like this forever.

Has anyone had this type of stabbing pain? Has any MD diagnosed the cause of severe stabbing pain and fixed it? Has anyone who went through the gastric bypass procedure gone on to live a happy and normal life??
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replied November 18th, 2007
Gastric Bypass
I have the same problem but mine is on my left side. I have had 16 surgeries varying from bowel obstructions, hernias, gall bladder removal and on and on. I too was put on oxycodone for pain, phenergen for nausea w/ numerous others but still have not had a solution. I did find a dr in nebraska that deals w/ high risk people and he redid my sugery and said that this surgery is way to dangerous to do laproscopically which i preferred for less scars. Needless to say after 16 surgeries i now have more scars than ever. The dr in Nebraska did find that my food was going backwards up into my old stomach and thinks thats where this is steming from, unfortunately once they do that its very risky to try and remove that old stomach. Which is what he does for every surgery. You may want them to give her a CT w/ IV die and ask them to look into it. Hope this helps! Good luck!
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