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Hernia Or Chronic Epididymitis (sore Testes)

I'm a 34 year old guy who's in pretty bless good shape. I hike, mountainbike, & snowboard regularly. I also climb mountains to go backcountry snowboarding as often as possible. I don't work out at all, hurt my back long ago, again this summer, and do have a few creaks and moans, BUT.... feel strongly that I'm not far from being physically stronger than I have ever felt in my life.
How disgusted was I when I felt a dull pain in the groin a few days ago? Pretty sick. My father and nephew have both had the hernia surgery, so I guess it runs in my genes, but I am in far superior physical shape than my father ever even thought of.
I DID move a big pile of gravel two days prior with a wheel barrow, and I guess I'll blame it on that, but the tender testicles and pea sized lump on my pubic line didn't come to notice for two days.
What's the story on the testes? One of the posts mentioned intestines dropping into the scrotum? The pain is minimal and hasn't progressed in two days, but I'm interested in acupuncture and natural remedies as I just recently lost health care. I read on WebMD, and tried later, to "push back in the lump" after applying BioFreeze, to no avail. How critical is it that I see a physician if the pain and lump lessens?
More importantly, whether or not I opt for Canadian surgery, what are my chances that I can exercise and rehabilitate my abdomen and resume my very active lifestyle?
Doctor, Will I be able to snowboard this winter, PLEASE??????
I now wonder if I may have Chronic Epididymitis or something else. When in Jr. high I had to visit the doctor for similar testicular soreness, and he made me stop wearing tight jeans and gave me antibiotics. Was that epididymitis? I also read about masturbation symptoms with hernias and epidymitis. For at least a year now I have noticed a feeling during ejaculation that seems like my gonads are being lifted into my groin for a moment or two. If it's a hernia, I just lost health ins. so I'll think about the Canadian "mesh-free" oper., please advise.
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