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Are these symptoms of cancer or tumor ?

I am 21 and I had a son in Nov 2006... I was 130lb before him and 145lb after and now I am 100lbs... I have been having blackouts my worst was a few weeks back and my head was shaing badly but the others I can tell when they are coming so I sit and wait for it to go a way, I have very bad stomach pain from the abdominal area to about 1 inch above my belly button, I am constantly tired and it hurts after I eat. And I am starting to have headaches. In september I went in and they told me I had a hernia....I went to another docter yesterday so I could get in at a different hospital for a cheaper bill for surgery and he says I don't have a hernia. I don't have insurance or the money for medical bills so I'm lost to what I can do or who to see. My mom had uterus cancer at the age of 21 and on my dads side My Aunt Janie has had fibrotic tumors in her uterus...endometriosis and was diagnosed with divrothrcleouses...and my aunt linda on my dad's side had benign tumor in her uterus...and My aunt Julie on my moms side had endometriosis too. At the age of 18 I was in the hospital because of stomach pain and my overies and uterus were swollen and they found a endometic cavity on my uterus but they said the swalling and pain was from the depo shot. Is there a possibility I could have cancer or a tumor from family history and my symptoms?
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replied November 15th, 2007
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Do you get abdominal pains and stomach pains only after your meal?
Did you loss your appetite?
Do you have sense of fullness?
Do you have high levels of cholesterol in your blood?
Can you notice change in your bowel movements?
Do you get all of the symptoms only after you eat?
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