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Conjunctivitis That Won't Disappear

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I seem to have conjunctivitis that won’t go away. The optician initially said it was because I was wearing my contact lenses for too long. However, I then stopped wearing them for about 2 weeks, with no luck. I went to the ophthalmologist who then prescribed Optilast (Optivar in the US, the azelitine) for allergic conjunctivitis (I do have seasonal allergies and take Telfast/Allegra or Loratadine (the generic ingredient in Claritin) and Sinufed (pseudophedrine)). She also prescribed Refresh eye drops. I returned 6 weeks later and my eyes were still red. She then also prescribed a cream and Genteal eye drops instead of the Refresh (or that I can use either/ one one week, the other another week). Until two weeks ago, however, when I realized that this was a bad idea, I had also put in a drop of Visine “Get the Red Out” in the mornings as I had always awoken with extremely dry eyes and was still tired when I woke up. I have since stopped, yet my eyes look to be no whiter then they were 2 months ago. For the past 3 weeks I also haven’t worn my contacts and am only wearing glasses (which I hate!).

Also, I am on the computer a lot and read a lot and my eyes are often dry and I’m often “tired” after this or after short naps. Of course, after putting water or eye drops in my eyes, all is better. But is there something I need to be doing as 2 months of conjunctivitis seems to be quite ridiculous and I want new contacts! (The optician and ophthalmologist refuse to give me a new prescription until this is fully cured). I’m going back to the M.D. in another week but I suspect it will be more of the same.
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